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Licence simplification renders Integriti sophistication more accessible

31 May 2020

ACCESS CONTROL solutions manufacturer Inner Range has announced a major simplification of the licensing model for its Integriti intelligent access control and intruder detection system. Partners and customers alike will now be able to choose from four clearly defined software options that include sets of features rather than needing licences for each feature on an individual basis.

Inner Range asserts that the new structure will have a dramatic effect on the way in which Integriti systems are designed and quoted, cutting down on the complexities and time needed as well as being cost neutral.

There are four software options. These are as follows:

Express – For basic administration of sites with a single controller

Professional – Extends management abilities to multiple controllers and multiple sites. First software edition that allows expansion and integrations to be added

Business – For businesses who use Integriti in their daily routines (including its extensive reporting capabilities). First edition to include CCTV integration

Corporate – Fully-featured, enterprise-grade software that unlocks Integriti’s full potential. Accommodates large-scale sites and includes features for on-site security officers and monitoring

Tim Northwood, general manager of Inner Range, told Security Matters: “Integriti’s strength is that it can provide highly sophisticated and holistic security management systems. Sometimes these have been complicated to achieve. Our new licensing model offers four clear and transparent options for partners and customers that are much easier to understand and explain, as well as being cost neutral. We very much hope that our simplified structure will make Integriti’s power and sophistication much easier to access.”

The new model is being released as part of an overall update to Integriti in the shape of Version 20. It represents the most significant change to the product since its original release. The update, which is now available for both new and existing customers, includes other features such as a new integration with HID’s Origo Bluetooth system to use mobile credentials.

*Inner Range is offering free remote demonstrations and training of its new Integriti software options. Call 0845 470 5000 or send an e-mail ireurope@innerrange.co.uk for more information or to arrange a session