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Security Research Initiative focuses attention on impact of COVID-19

13 January 2021

THE NEXT study phase of the Security Research Initiative led by Perpetuity Research has now been launched in a bid to understand precisely what security professionals view the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic to be and what future challenges lie in store.

Specifically, what are the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on physical security? There has been much discussion of how things have changed over the past ten months as the security business sector – like every other business sector and, indeed, society in general – has had to meet new challenges and adapt to new ways of working, but what does all of this mean for the security world?

Perpetuity Research would be delighted to hear from security practitioners on this matter. Those taking part in the survey element of this research can share their views on an anonymous basis. The questions ask about the future threats that will be significant, the likely demand for security services and products, whether the way in which security is perceived will have changed and what the key challenges are going to be as we eventually emerge from the pandemic.

The survey itself takes approximately 15 minutes to complete, with the deadline for responses set at Friday 12 February 2021. In truth, the survey is best suited to those involved in physical security such as security suppliers, managers (including intermediaries) who purchase security, security operatives and other related security experts.

Visit https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/SRI-Security-Pandemic to voice your opinions.

All participants are given the opportunity to automatically receive a free copy of the findings once the report is published in the latter part of this year.

As stated, the research is being conducted under the umbrella of the Security Research Initiative. More information is available online at https://perpetuityresearch.com/security-research-initiative/