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COVID-19 realises increased demand for IP-based access control systems

20 May 2020

THE COVID-19 pandemic has affected all industries in different ways. For healthcare and medical organisations, operational management approaches have changed right across the sector, and not just on the clinical front. As a result, access control solutions developer Videx has witnessed a sharp rise in demand for IP-based intercom systems.

The contagiousness of the Coronavirus coupled with the high volume of patients admitted to hospital suffering from the disease has increased the need to secure specific wards and departments. At the same time, GP practices, pharmacies and other healthcare locations have also had to examine their entry provision in order to minimise the risk of the virus spreading.

Neil Thomas, national sales manager at Videx UK, informed Security Matters: “IP-based intercom systems are hugely popular access control solutions in general due to the flexibility and ease of installation that IP provides. The huge benefit of IP technology is that it doesn’t require dedicated wiring infrastructure and can be deployed on existing networks. These networks may be shared with other technologies such as CCTV and building management systems.”

Of late, Videx has witnessed a significant rise in enquiries and orders placed for its IP intercom solutions because of the urgent need to secure sensitive and specific areas in buildings such as hospitals, pharmacies and GP surgeries. “For instance,” continued Thomas, “in hospitals where there are dedicated COVID-19 wards, access to such wards necessarily requires maximum security but, at the same time, must also facilitate convenient authorised entry. That is exactly what IP systems can provide.”

There is also a heightened need for controlling access when it comes to the general public. As a result, demand has grown when it comes to one-way, single-button entry units where a member of staff can grant access from their desk via videophone.

The Videx IP kit is supplied as an expandable system with multiple entrance and Call Points that can be customised to suit the needs of any building, whether that’s an A&E Department, an outpatient unit or a medical/health centre playing host to several GP practices. The kit includes a wall-mount 6200 Series videophone and an entrance panel which is available in either standard or vandal-resistant form and features surface or flush-mounting options.

The videophone includes a touch screen 3.5” colour display that enables end users to customise a range of settings as well as initiate calls to entrance points, neighbouring buildings and internally to other extensions. It's possible to have up to 16 videophones in each building.

Importantly, the videophones can also intercommunicate and cascade calls to other locations if they're not answered. What’s more, an event call log can be viewed on the videophone with a video capture feature to see missed callers.