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The safe storage and handling of lithium batteries and avoiding risks from fire

13th April 2021 10:30am

In normal operations, using lithium batteries is considered safe, however if there is a technical defect or a battery is damaged, the situation can rapidly change and become critical.

Unfortunately, unless the damage is clearly visible, for example damage to the casing, the defect can remain unseen. This webinar will highlight the dangers posed by lithium ion batteries and explain why it is important to have a plan and the right protection in place, should an incident begin to unfold.

We will explain the asecos concept of safe storage and present the range of storage options that are available.

Target Group

Are you an e-bike/e-scooter dealer, mobility aid supplier, manufacturer or distributor of lithium-ion batteries or power tools, health and safety professional, insurer/risk assessor, or a professional in a field where lithium-ion batteries are used?

Then the one-hour webinar is just right for you!

  • TUnderstand the dangers posed by lithium-ion batteries
  • Learn how they react when something goes wrong
  • What is meant by passive and active storage
  • Discover the technology behind safe storage cabinets
  • The model choices available and the alarm signalling options

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The necessity for evacuation alert systems

13th May 2021 10:30am

Following the aftermath of the tragic Grenfell Tower fire, significant work has been undertaken to improve the culture of competency in the interest of life safety.

Lewis Ramsay QFSM MBA, BAFE Director and former Assistant Chief Officer for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, discusses the current climate of fire safety and how critical systems such as evacuation alert systems can assist the Fire and Rescue Service in saving lives.

This webinar is suitable for owners/premises management of high-risk residential buildings (HRRBs)/high-risk buildings (HRBs), Fire and Rescue Services (including protection and enforcement teams) and the wider fire safety industry interested in competency development.

You will receive 1 CPD Hour for attending.

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Enforcing the Fire Safety Order – Digital Conference

14 May 2021 10:30am

Warren Spencer has prosecuted over 200 cases under the Fire Safety Order. In this two-hour digital conference, he and his colleague James Aird will present seven case studies, outlining the issues that arise with fire safety prosecutions, defence cases and enforcement notice appeals.

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Bridging the Gap between Fire & Emergency Lighting Systems

10th June 2021 10:30am

Most non-domestic buildings must, by law, have both fire and emergency lighting systems. As public buildings and offices become increasingly complex, their life safety systems must keep pace. Whilst both fire systems and emergency lighting systems are essential to life safety, they are currently treated as separate entities with no communication between the two.

This seminar will explain why integrating fire and emergency lighting systems offers greatly improved safety to a building’s occupants in an emergency. We will cover a range of topics including automatic addressable emergency lighting test systems, integration with fire systems, the ability to apply cause and effect to emergency lighting, and Dynamic Safety Sign Systems (DSSS).

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Hazmat Guide - Gases

22nd June 2021 10:30am

Compressed gases are being used today in many industrial and research processes that would not be possible without their use.

Compressed gases present many different hazards requiring specific safety protocols for both their safe handling and use. Safety is a high priority when storing and providing gases and must be subject to risk assessment.

For many years, the centralised storage of gases was the only available solution. However, as high purity and specialised gases are more commonly used and processes are changing rapidly, the demand for decentralised solutions of storage and delivery has increased; flexibility of storage without compromising safety is the key.

Join the webinar to learn more about:

  • Classification of gases
  • The hazards & safety measures
  • Cylinder labelling
  • Gases in use / applications
  • Storage sections
  • Centralised & decentralised gas supplies
  • EN14470-2 solutions
  • Technical extraction

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Access Control: Best Practices for 2021

Protecting Against Common Vulnerabilities and Maximising Safety

New research highlights that a majority of organisations are using outdated access control technology, which in turn creates unnecessary vulnerabilities. As access control continues to evolve, this webinar is designed to identify those technologies best suited to your organisation, as well as discuss methods to begin a streamlined and future-proof upgrade process.

Beyond upgrading, there are several opportunities available to better protect your organisation against common vulnerabilities in 2021 and beyond, as well as maximise the safety of employees and visitors alike. This webinar will detail these best practices in order to help you prioritise the most effective solutions.

By viewing this webinar you will learn about:

  • The current state of the access control market, including key technologies in use
  • Actionable best practices designed to protect today’s organisations from common vulnerabilities
  • Opportunities for reducing physical touchpoints in a security solution to maximise safety
  • How to best prepare for and conduct upgrades to access control systems

All attendees will receive CPD points from The Security Institute for attending.

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Protecting Lone Workers – Personal Safety beyond the norm

Is your approach to safety and security being applied more consistently across both work and personal lives? Have changes to working environments and collective efforts to respond to COVID-19 altered your approach to risk and how personal safety solutions are specified?

Are consumer attitudes demanding more from personal safety technology issued by employers? How is that influencing suppliers to innovate and solve some of the risk challenges many traditional lone worker technologies struggle to reduce?

This webinar will provide answers to all of these questions and more, offering vital tips on how to protect lone workers.

All attendees will receive CPD points from The Security Institute for attending.

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Protecting High-rise residential buildings from fire

For buildings with flammable cladding, the NFCC (National Fire Chiefs Council) recommends a change in evacuation strategy, supported by the introduction of temporary protection measures, such as ‘Waking Watch’ or a fire detection system, until the cladding is removed. If the remedial works are expected to take longer than 12 months, the NFCC strongly recommends the installation of fire alarm system as a more reliable, safe and cost effective solution to a Waking Watch.

In this webinar, we will be exploring the Apollo & Advanced solution which provides superior protection for residents, is fully compliant with NFCC guidance and offers fast installation with minimal disruption for occupants. We will also discuss how this system can be later adapted to convert to the Evacuation and Alert system in line with BS8629 code of practice.

Tall buildings expert Russ Timpson will also discuss what information you should provide to firefighters when they are responding to a fire in a high risk residential building (HRRB), and the fire growth and smoke movement requires a change of the existing/established evacuation strategy, i.e. stay put to simultaneous

All attendees will receive CPD points from The Insitute of Fire Safety Managers (IFSM) for attending.

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Optimising Keyholding Response Services and Mobile Patrols

Learn how technology can digitise run-sheets, prove BS 7984 compliance, improve field communications, commercialise contracts and help you to provide a more competitive service.

Selecting the right software for mobile operations could revolutionise your service delivery and enable your company to scale-up in order to win more direct business. Discover how security professionals are coming together to create a range of simple-to-use tools that bring innovation to the UK’s security industry.

Experienced technology and security-focused professionals will demonstrate how you can:

  • Save time by automating mobile patrol run-sheets
  • Manage alarm responses
  • Prove compliance with BS 7984-3:2020 for keyholding
  • Deliver on your employee welfare obligations
  • Ensure you are paid for all the work that you do
  • Improve employee engagement

Not only does the UK-developed, cloud-based solution highlighted in the webinar banish the paper trail giving you one version of the truth, but it will also afford your Control Room operators real-time visibility of planned versus actual. Engaged officers in the field receive instructions through their mobile devices, tick-off tasks as they’re completed and respond to incidents, making their lives easier as well.

This webinar will show you how to harness technology and deliver a more efficient, competitive service and win more direct keyholding contracts.

All attendees will receive CPD points from The Security Institute for attending.

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Protecting educational premises from fire

This webinar will show how flexible the fire system can be in an educational setting, and shine a light on some of the lesser known applications.

This will include using the fire panel in a lockdown situation, and how the system can adapt for exam mode. The webinar will also explain how IP networking can help where there are remote buildings, particularly relevant on a widespread university campus, and detail the range and uses of the Advanced fire panel's graphical options.

IFSM's Bob Docherty will discuss the requirement for the proven competency of those carrying out any fire safety work. He will focus on the benefits of a fire safety passport.

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Legal Update - The new fire safety bill

Join Warren Spencer, James Aird, Joseph Hart as they discuss the new fire safety bill

Warren Spencer will be discussing the developments of the last 12 months involving the new Fire Safety and Building Safety Bills-ESW1s etc. He also be discussing the application of the FSO to supported living scenarios-responsibility of carers housing providers in the circumstances in which domestic living accommodation becomes "the workplace".

Joseph Hart, leading fire safety barrister, will be discussing sentencing, how Grenfell has impacted upon Crown Court sentences and how the courts are now limited in their discretion in respect of the sentences they can impose.

James Aird will be discussing the significance of article 5 and in particular "the extent of your obligations", as outlined by contracts, tenancy and management agreements.

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Ensuring compliance & efficiency of fire alarm systems

In this webinar we will be discussing maintaining a fire alarm electronic log book to record all events specifically Weekly Testing, Annual Servicing and day to day activity.

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Security Guarding - The Roadmap

The inaugural Security Matters webinar seeks to discuss the desired roadmap for guarding in the second half of 2020 and beyond, touching on key issues including the changing nature of security services provision on the ground, the part played by regulation (ie the Security Industry Authority’s Approved Contractor Scheme and the much-discussed proposal of business licensing), the core subject of training and skill sets (with a view towards meeting ever-changing buyer expectations) and, further, the perspective of those end users and what they demand of security companies to suit their own business requirements.

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Protecting large premises from fire

Optical beam detection is a device that uses a projected beam of light to detect smoke across large areas, typically as an indicator of fire. They are used to detect fires in buildings where standard point smoke detectors would either be uneconomical or restricted for use by the height of the building. Optical beam smoke detectors are often installed in warehouses as a cost-effective means of protecting large open spaces.

Experts from FFE will explain the benefits of this technology including how it can provide early and accurate detection to ensure quick alarms are raised quickly. The webinar will also put the new Fireray Hub under the microscope, which is is a fully modular system supporting both end-to-end and reflective beam technology on the same low-level controller.

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Evacuation planning: solutions to meeting the new BS8629 standard

This webinar will focus on Evacuation planning and ensuring you are compliant with the new BS 8629 standard.

BS8629 is a new code of practice for the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of evacuation alert systems. This new British Standard provides guidance on how to install a communication system that advises residents of flats to evacuate. This standard exists to help ensure that systems are fit for purpose and to encourage uniformity.

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How dynamic signage can make any building safer, today

This webinar will discuss the impact of the latest available dynamic signage and how it increases the safety factor, reduces total evacuation time and helps ensure all occupants of a building exit more quickly and more safely supported by the presentation of findings from a recent 2020 dynamic signage study undertaken by the FSEG from Greenwich University.

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This webinar webinar will outline some of the recent advances in fire alarm management and introduce a range of innovative solutions which meet the unique and complex challenges of protecting historic buildings. National Trust will also explain key considerations for protecting historical premises from fires.

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Health and safety specialists from Southalls will use their multi-sector experience to outline challenges that their clients face today in terms of the increased focus on health and safety this year.

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This webinar focuses on the changes in law brought about by the regulation and what new responsibilities suppliers of PPE will have. The panel explain what these are and how those affected by the changes can gain a clear understanding of their new responsibilities to ensure they remain compliant.

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C-Tec’s Andy Green places Stay Put policies under the spotlight and explains key things that need to be in place to ensure that this practice works as planned.

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This webinar focuses on the lessons that need to be learned not only from the Grenfell Tower fire but also numerous recent tall building fires around the world.

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