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Amthal connects with CSL Group in bid to support smarter security operations

07 May 2020

AMTHAL FIRE and Security and the CSL Group are working in partnership to deliver the latest end-to-end connectivity solutions that will ultimately ensure the easier and faster installation and maintenance of smart security systems.

With the introduction of the much-publicised 5G networks and the evolution of live chat facilities impacting the way in which people stay connected, there's now more pressure to deliver on extra speed and bandwidth as well as faster operating and more powerful mobiles to enable apps to work much harder and video to become the cornerstone of security.

CSL Group and Amthal Fire and Security, who have worked in partnership for 15 years now, are operating together for customers to ensure the safe delivery of advanced routers, alarms and data embracing all available signalling technologies.

Dave Willetts, CSL Group's head of key accounts, informed Security Matters: “Technology and the way in which we connect is evolving faster than ever. Understanding the key trends, while also remaining at the forefront of its impact on system design, is critical to success, and especially sin the fire and security sector.”

Willetts added: “Working closely and building relationships with customers such as Amthal Fire and Security is vital. This is not in a supply chain, but rather in true partnership. We have both seen significant business growth, operating through some extraordinary circumstances, not least of them the current pandemic. Through delivering on tailored customer requirements, we can continue to upgrade systems and ensure that connectivity standards remain high.”

CCTV and alarm signalling

Amthal Fire and Security operates with CSL Group to ensure connectivity for key CCTV and alarm signalling, allowing for the remote upgrade and maintenance of installed products and services. The fire and security specialist is now looking to upgrade with CSL Group to adopt more live functionality that allows remote monitoring services through smart mobile app technology.  

Jamie Allam, CEO at Amthal Fire and Security, stated: “For fire and security, we are just on the cusp of seeing the potential of technological advancements and the ability to create greater intelligence, faster response systems, visual insights and dedicated data. While the lockdown period has halted many sector operations, as critical workers it's our duty to continue our operations and keep buildings safe and secure. By working closely with trusted partners such as the CSL Group, we can bring these ideals together and ensure more powerful devices can be connected to one another and maintained and monitored remotely and efficiently for the benefit of customers right across the UK.”

Independently owned, Amthal Fire and Security offers design, installation, service and remote monitoring around advanced electronic fire and security solutions, including intruder and fire alarms, access control and CCTV. The business is accredited by the Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board, the United Kingdom Accreditation Service and BAFE.