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SSAIB agrees training partnership with BT Redcare

14 August 2017

SSAIB HAS announced a pioneering training partnership with BT Redcare, to facilitating training in the security industry.

BT Redcare is the first manufacturer to work with the SSIAB to extend its training, in order to include syllabus items from the new fire, emergency and security systems standard. This new format will then be delivered to both companies and colleges that specialise in security and fire systems.

On top of that, BT Redcare will also become the first manufacturer to be listed on the new training component of the SSAIB’s website for registered firms. This will grow to include a wealth of information on training schemes and a list of colleges and commercial providers that offer them.

SSAIB training manager Trevor Jenks said: “BT Redcare have been doing this for a long time, so it’s a way to enhance their training and ensure the essential knowledge of the technology is put in place. It’s a way of extending the existing training and expand the knowledge of engineers in this industry.

“It will also support the colleges and training providers - and we have to support them - but the main thing is that the existing product training is enhanced by ensuring that the fundamental technology is understood by experienced engineers and apprentices alike.

“There are a lot of engineers out in the field who know how to fit and - with experience - maintain the products.  However, by keeping their foundation knowledge up to date, they will become even better engineers and that’s the aim.”

BT Redcare regional technical manager Rob McLaughlin also welcomed the new partnership with SSAIB. He said: “As a leader in fire and security, BT Redcare is committed to providing a range of class leading products, but also to promoting best practice and raising engineering standards within the industry as well.

“We’re extremely excited to work alongside the SSAIB on this new exciting training initiative and help get the next generation of installation engineers off to the best possible start in their careers.”

SSAIB are also currently working with other manufacturers, so it can help facilitate even more training opportunities for its registered firms through security training partnership initiatives.