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SSAIB announces landmark approval

29 May 2018

DEFENCE SYSTEMS Ltd has become the first parking enforcement firm to achieve surveillance camera certification.

SSAIB has confirmed that Defence Systems is the first parking enforcement firm the UK to achieve certification against the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice, in respect of their use of CCTV enforcement cameras, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and body worn video.

This achievement is even more significant, as they are the first organisation in the UK to have its use of ANPR subject to assessment under the code of practice. SSAIB lead assessor Stephen Grieve conducted the assessment and he commented: “While the use of ANPR is more widely known to be operated by the Police, the technology is also used by a number of other organisations - in order to monitor and manage vehicle movements.  It is the one area of surveillance camera systems which - until now – had not been subject to any assessments under the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice. Therefore, we are pleased to have been able to confirm to the Surveillance Camera Commissioner that, in the case of Park Watch, their use of the technology fully met the requirements of his code.”

For more information, visit www.ssaib.org