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ASIS European Security Conference moved to 31 May-2 June 2021

05 August 2020

AS PART of the organisation’s re-evaluation of global event strategies, ASIS International has decided to change the date for ASIS Europe 2021 which, on this occasion, is running in Prague. Originally scheduled for early March next year, the event will now take place from 31 May to 2 June.

Taking into account the ongoing COVID-19 situation, and in particular the uncertainty around the recovery timeline for participants’ travel (not to mention the potential for a second wave of infections later on this year), ASIS International believes these later dates will increase the possibilities for a safe, secure and well attended ‘in-person’ gathering. 

While the organisation fully acknowledges the potential inconvenience of a second date change and the proximity to public holidays in some countries, it believes (on balance) that this will be better for the event participants than the early March dates previously announced.

ASIS International has commented: “We appreciate your patience in this matter as we believe this is in the best public health interest of our attendees.”

Digital experience 

Building on its recent announcement in relation to the Global Security Exchange (GSX) 2020 event taking place later on this year (more of which anon), ASIS International is also investing in a robust digital event experience for the European conference, including the customary education, peer-to-peer knowledge exchange and networking, in addition to a virtual exhibition platform.

Further, ASIS International observed: “This will assure a resilient event model so that security professionals who are unable to travel can still participate and, in the unfortunate case that an on-site, ‘in-person’ event is not feasible, we can seamlessly transition to an engaging online experience for all involved.” 

The event design work is ongoing and the ASIS Europe team will provide updates directly to all registered attendees and exhibitors. To be added to the mailing list contact europe@asisonline.org

GSX+ online

The aforementioned GSX 2020 has moved to become a fully-virtual experience called the Global Security Exchange Plus (GSX+) and will include more than 80 education sessions, an exhibition marketplace and peer-to-peer networking opportunities. GSX+ will now take place from 21-25 September with live and on-demand features. 

“Launching GSX+ as a virtual-only experience provides our members, exhibitors, sponsors and others with a one-of-a-kind approach that will advance security worldwide,” explained Godfried Hendriks CPP, president of the ASIS Global Board of Directors (and a recent guest on the Security Matters Podcast). “While circumstances dictate that we must miss out on an in-person meeting this year, we’re excited for GSX+. It will deliver to a wider global audience the exceptional security networking, marketplace, education and training that truly sets GSX apart. There’s a growing demand for a comprehensive experience that helps the entire security profession learn and grow together.” 

Following months of careful evaluation of the risks associated with convening an event involving 20,000 professionals from across the globe during the COVID-19 pandemic, the ASIS leadership team concluded that transitioning GSX to a virtual-only environment for its 2020 edition was the correct course of action and one that’s in the best interests of the organisation’s members, attendees, speakers, exhibitors and members of the public. 

“We’re pleased to unveil our new GSX+ model, which will deliver the same number of CPEs as GSX plus more accessibility and with a lower cost to participate. The event will live online for several weeks after an initial five-day live event,” stated Peter O’Neil, CEO of ASIS International. “It has never been more important for organisations to focus on risk management and business continuity. GSX+ offers a new way for practising industry professionals to join forces, discover new technologies and approaches and dive into important discussions around global Best Practice.” 

GSX+ will deliver every element of a live event in an online environment: Community, Content, Commerce and Connection. A new, fully virtual forum for the global security community to connect and engage with live discussions on the most pressing industry issues, CPE-eligible education sessions, a market place and peer-to-peer networking will be provided. Topics of education will range from workplace violence and behavior detection to return to remote work, pandemic lessons learned and well-being of security personnel.

*For more information about ASIS in Europe visit https://www.asisonline.org/membership/asis-in-europe/. ASIS Members can engage 24/7 with their peers on European issues via the dedicated online regional community

**Further details on ASIS Europe 2021 can be accessed on the website