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Churches Fire & Security launches dedicated Training Academy

06 December 2021

CHURCHES FIRE & Security, the national provider of fire safety and security services, has launched an internal Training Academy to progress careers and train out-of-industry employees.

Developed specifically to fill the skills gap in the fire and security industry, structured hands-on learning and classroom sessions are delivered for existing Churches Fire & Security employees as well as those new to the trade.

Current employees learning through the Churches Fire & Security Academy have made the transition from full-time fire extinguisher technicians to expand their knowledge to include the systematic workings of fire and intruder alarm systems. The business enjoys a solid reputation for first-time fixes, meaning that its technicians are able to provide maintenance for multiple amenities in one service visit. This negates the need for return visits, in turn saving customers money, time and the necessity for making a follow-up appointment.

Through the training delivered at the Churches Fire & Security Academy, more multi-skilled technicians are available to visit customer sites in order to maintain extinguishers, fire and intruder alarms.

Employees new to the industry learn the mechanisms of fire extinguishers during the first month of their training, observing existing technicians on customer sites as they maintain and service. Following this ‘on-the-job’ training, the new recruits then learn from a regional training centre.

Fast-tracked learning

In order to meet the growing demand for skilled experts, four-to-five months of dedicated learning showcasing how fire and security systems work is taken on by the students.

Existing employees with an already extensive knowledge of fire extinguishers move to classroom learning where they are taught by their peers how to install, service and maintain alarm systems. Technical service managers deliver hands-on knowledge to the trainees over four months, equipping them with all of the core skills they need to be experts in the field.

Importantly, in-depth lessons are given on the British Standards to ensure that all learners have a comprehensive understanding of the requirements. Out-of-industry students learn hands-on in the first month, then move on to classroom-based lessons during months two through to five.

The students’ development and regional location relevant to workload will determine the discipline best suited to them, be it fire or intruder alarms. Upon completion of the module-based programme, students will possess a Level 3 qualification, as recognised by the Fire Industry Association (FIA), and duly begin their careers as fully-trained electrical systems technicians.

Apprenticeships honoured

As an ever-expanding business that moves to acquire other companies on a frequent basis, Churches Fire & Security finds itself in the position to honour any apprenticeships taking place at these acquired companies.

Apprentices from acquisitions are encouraged to continue their learning through the Churches Fire & Security Academy, with sign-off delivered by the technical service managers once all learning is completed.

*For further information on the Churches Fire & Security Academy, or to enquire about signing up, send an e-mail to recruitment@churchesfire.com