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Everbridge unveils COVID-19 ‘Return to Work’ software solution

06 May 2020

CRITICAL EVENT management solutions specialist Everbridge has unveiled its COVID-19 ‘Return to Work’ software solution designed to help businesses and Governments navigate the unprecedented complexity of operating during the next phase of the pandemic (ie preparing to bring back the workforce and ‘re-open’ society.

Everbridge serves over 5,000 enterprise customers, 1,500 healthcare entities, 3,700 first responder agencies and the populations of entire states and countries around the world. As organisations plan for returning to normal activity, the company's ‘Return to Work’ solution enables those businesses to manage the complexity of diverse guidelines and mandates that will evolve dynamically over time, as well as ensure compliance with a full audit trail. 

The company assists businesses in managing all of this complexity through real-time risk intelligence based on 22,000 data sources across 175 countries that tracks everything from virus hotspots and travel restrictions through to quarantines and states of emergency, and on again to production stoppages and resumptions, protests and civil unrest.

The ‘Return to Work’ solution speeds up contact tracing efforts by providing an automated approach to tracking an individual’s exposure to the virus at work, drawing upon 225 pre-existing, out-of-the-box integrations with such systems as calendaring applications, corporate travel itineraries, building access control and visitor management.

Everbridge enables over 100 communication modalities, including its mobile app, to communicate with and provide real-time feedback from employees, such as wellness checks, which can be used to determine candidates who are fit to return to work. Overall, Everbridge digitises and automates the end-to-end returning to work process while dramatically improving the response time to prevent unnecessary exposure to the virus when days and even hours can really matter.

The World Health Organisation recommends that ‘Return to Work’ Best Practice should require employers to monitor employee health through testing, wellness checks and self-reporting (whereby employees identify how they're feeling through an app, such as the Everbridge mobile app, on an ‘opt-in’ basis. Contact tracing seeks to identify who else has been exposed to the virus and also co-ordinate isolation and communications.

Complex, staggered and unpredictable

“The world’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic will be complex, staggered and unpredictable,” asserted Ajay Nigam, chief product officer at Everbridge. “In the meantime, technology, tools and data are available now to protect people as they return to work and help gGovernments keep their citizens safe in a better and more efficient manner while protecting privacy. The better handle that organisations have on all of this complexity, the sooner businesses can return employees to work while Governments safely re-open public spaces.”

Nick Allan, CEO at specialist risk consultancy Control Risks, added: “As we plan for a return to the workplace, it's clear that businesses are at the forefront of managing the pandemic. To keep people safe and a company operating successfully, any international organisation will require detailed situational awareness in order to adhere to diverse and shifting guidelines across potentially hundreds of regions.”

Everbridge’s ‘Return to Work’ software solution empowers organisations to:

*Automatically leverage the right intelligence, including changing Government regulations such as quarantines, curfews, travel bans and new public health policies, and rapidly identify new disease outbreaks

*Implement, manage and track the tasks for the right protocol at the right location and at the right time (eg testing, automated polling of employees or citizens and the enablement of mobile wellness checks)

*Accelerate contact tracing by automating the discovery of symptomatic or infected workers – identifying the meetings, buildings, visitors they came into contact with – and mapping against prior travel

*Prevent future infections by proactively warning individuals before they enter an incident zone (eg an infection hot spot such as an area near a hospital or nursing home, or countries experiencing an increase in outbreaks)

*Leverage special needs registries to note those vulnerable individuals most in need of isolation protocols

*Integrate polling data from employees or citizens – including results from wellness checks and safety check-ins – and action decisions on who can return to work or public spaces

*Automatically identify and manage impacts to specific assets, supply chain and transportation routes by tracking production stoppages, closures and civil unrest, all with a complete audit trail

*Enable Governments to anonymously report on crowd movement and population density (without compromising privacy) in order to determine whether groups have achieved more critical mass than is permitted under distancing guidelines, and also to verify the success of evacuation efforts

The Norwegian Directorate for Health sent a record 5.4 million COVID-19 messages via the Everbridge platform last month to every mobile phone in Norway. The Directorate also sent messages to all non-Norwegian phones roaming inside the country in English, French, German, Spanish, Polish and Russian, providing critical instructions for foreign nationals.

Communications delivery

In response to COVID-19, the Everbridge platform has delivered over 300 million communications specific to the Coronavirus as well as launched its COVID-19 Shield rapid deployment templates to protect people and maintain operations amid the pandemic.

Everbridge also recently announced the detail behind its Coronavirus: the Road to Recovery Leadership Summit, which is to be held on 20-21 May. The virtual event will feature two keynote speakers: General Colin Powell, who will speak about leadership in challenging times, and Scott Gottlieb, the former FDA Commissioner, who will discuss a roadmap to recovery. For more detail and to register visit Coronavirus: the Road to Recovery.