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Security Matters Podcast - Episode 5 now live to view

17 June 2020

THE FIFTH episode of the recently-launched fortnightly Security Matters Podcast for practising professionals in the security business sector is now live to view. Each episode features a round-up and analysis of the biggest news stories published on the magazine’s website in addition to interviews with specially selected practitioners from the security business sector.

Episode 5 of the Security Matters Podcast includes in-depth interviews with Godfried Hendriks CPP (the 65th President of ASIS International and business and product development director for Europe at Revolution Retail Systems) and Kenny Long, UK business development manager for facial recognition solutions at Digital Barriers and also a key driver of the ‘Super Recognisers’ movement.

Founded back in 1955 in the US, ASIS International is a global community of security practitioners, each of whom has a major role to play in the protection of assets: people, property and/or information. The organisation’s 34,000-plus members represent virtually every industry in the public and private sectors and, indeed, companies of all sizes. From entry-level managers through to CSOs and CEOs, and from security veterans right through to consultants and those transitioning from law enforcement or the military to the private sector, the ASIS community is both global and diverse in nature.

Importantly, ASIS International offers a range of education programmes, publications and events to help security and risk-focused practitioners thrive in the professional arena. Developed in consultation with leading industry experts, these resources are designed to support practitioners at every stage of their career.

ASIS International is deeply committed to advancing (and reinvesting in) the security profession. Memberships directly support the ongoing development of education, certification standards and guidelines. The organisation remains wholly dedicated to expanding and enriching knowledge sharing, fostering Best Practice and encouraging peer-to-peer connections such that security professionals can gain access to the information and resources they need to succeed.

During the Security Matters Podcast, Godfried Hendriks outlines how members of the ASIS community have joined forces and actively pooled their resources during the COVID-19 pandemic and examines the lessons learned to date for security and risk-focused professionals. In addition, he discusses in detail some of the research efforts presently underway through the ASIS Foundation.

Is there a singular trend in the world of security that Godfried believes is actively re-shaping this vital business sector? There most certainly is. View Episode 5 of our fortnightly Security Matters Podcast to ascertain what that trend is and hear about the impact that it’s already exerting on the business landscape.

Further, Godfried explains how he feels recent events have changed the way in which he views the role of the security professional. What has been the feedback across the last two months and more from like-minded professionals operating in the sector?

Finally, Godfried also outlines what’s in store for ASIS International throughout the remainder of 2020 as lockdown begins to ease and the new normal develops.

‘Super Recognisers’ and surveillance

For his part, Kenny Long advises police and security professionals on the proportionate and effective deployment of facial recognition technology. Kenny began his career in the Metropolitan Police Service before being seconded from New Scotland Yard to become part of the world’s inaugural ‘Super Recognisers’ Unit. Indeed, he went on to co-found ‘Super Recognisers’ International (which is at the very forefront of CCTV-based investigations) and is a particularly strong advocate for the deployment of automated facial recognition systems.

Here in the UK, ‘Super Recognisers’ are being used by the police to help spot criminals on CCTV images or in large crowds. The test for participating individuals involves looking at different faces for eight seconds each before having to identify one in a line-up. Only between 1% and 2% of the population are believed to be ‘Super Recognisers’. They can remember 80% of the faces they’ve seen.

Given his own unique abilities as a human ‘Super Recogniser’, some commentators might be a little surprised to learn of Kenny’s great enthusiasm for today’s facial recognition technology. On Episode 5 of the Security Matters Podcast, he explains precisely why he’s such a fan and also why he fervently wishes he could have enjoyed access to today’s technology back in the days when he was a serving police officer.

We know that UK police forces have conducted several trials with facial recognition technology, but we’re still at a relatively early stage of deployment. Would further guidance from central Government perhaps provide some much-needed clarity going forward? Kenny offers his considered opinions on the matter.

Interestingly, Kenny also assesses some of the technologies being offered by Digital Barriers as a business and outlines some key advice for security, defence and law enforcement professionals looking towards their deployment.

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