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Vemotion wireless video encoders now include enhanced Streaming Protocol

01 October 2020

VEMOTION INTERACTIVE – the UK supplier of high-performance wireless video streaming solutions for systems integrators and OEM solutions providers – has updated its range of advanced video software and hardware encoders to include a new and enhanced Vemotion Streaming Protocol (VSP).

The VSP has been designed to further improve the efficiency of Vemotion’s GPRS, 3G/4G, Wireless 802.n, microwave link, satellite and broadband streaming technology. Building on the company’s minimal latency/high quality streaming technology, the new VSP offers improved efficiency of the video/data stream in normal circumstances, but really comes into its own when deployed within challenging network environments.

The VSP is a proprietary protocol developed specifically for live, real-time video streaming. By employing Vemotion’s algorithms, the VSP removes superfluous data transmission messaging that’s not required, thereby reducing the amount of data traffic on the network and making more bandwidth available for the video stream. This advanced, field-proven Vemotion technology delivers “unparalleled” streaming HD video quality and all-round streaming performance across a variety of general and harsh operating environments.

Importantly, the VSP reduces the amount of data required to send video from the encoder to the video server, increasing the efficiency of the Vemotion streaming software, allowing better resolution for the same data rate or the same resolution, but allied to lower data costs.

The flexibility of the Vemotion software means that end users can decide to use the efficiency to increase the frame rate instead of resolution when required, subsequently yielding smoother PTZ imaging. This is particularly advantageous when tracking fast-moving objects such as vehicles.

Data and cost savings

On expensive data networks (ie mobile and satellite) where customers are paying per Mb, Vemotion’s efficient streaming can save significant amounts of budget on data costs. In addition, Vemotion can optimise a service for the data bundle and situation. For example, if streaming video is required constantly for a month, the technology can be configured to make sure that it manages to do so within the limits of the data package purchased.

Thanks to optimised and specific Vemotion algorithms, as well as being able to optimise streaming settings to match a network’s requirements, the efficient use of a network’s bandwidth means that less data is needed for the same image quality. This not only enables savings on data usage when viewing video over any network, but can also mean the difference between streaming high-quality video or no image when using latent networks such as satellite.

Ideal for mobile applications such as surveillance cameras on vehicles, drones, helicopters and satellite communication links, the new VSP greatly enhances any remote streaming/mobile location application.

Surveillance flexibility

With VSP’s HD video streaming, the option to substitute fibre networks for mobile networks can save money and increase flexibility of service. Being able to relocate cameras to target areas, and move them again as situations change, unleashes the surveillance cameras’ investment. Areas previously out of range of a fixed camera network or in an area of poor coverage can now be accessed for video surveillance and by using fewer cameras.

Vemotion’s encoders and video streaming technology is compatible with analogue and IP cameras from all the major manufacturers. This ‘camera agnostic’ approach enables users to further extend the capabilities and lifespan of their existing equipment.

In addition, and unlike with standard or off-the-shelf wireless video transmission systems, Vemotion’s streaming video technology has been specifically developed to suit low bandwidth or unreliable network conditions, such as the aforementioned satellite or cellular networks.

“The new VSP not only improves the efficiency of the video stream in normal circumstances, but even more so when the network is challenging, dealing with dropouts and restarts or very slow and congested networks with ease,” explained Steve Haworth, CEO at Vemotion. “Vemotion technology can greatly enhance the value of video networks and OEM solutions.”

*Further information is available online at www.vemotion.com