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ASFP forges strategic partnership with NBS to assist passive fire protection specifications

21 June 2021

THE ASSOCIATION for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) has forged a new partnership agreement with NBS, a leading specification and product information platform designed for the construction industry.

The partnership aims to assist with peer review and ensure the accuracy and quality of specifications relating to passive fire protection. It allows NBS to publish references to – and extracts from – the ASFP’s Technical Guidance in relation to its own products and services and also to provide the ASFP with extracts of NBS content for peer review.

The move will result in improved support to architects, designers and specifiers in developing specifications for passive fire protection products and systems. The partnership ensures they will have access to appropriate high quality guidance and technical content, helping them to produce accurate and structured specifications. It will also assist passive fire protection manufacturers to provide product information and technical data in an appropriate and structured format.

Commenting on the partnership, ASFP CEO Steve Davies said: “One of the ASFP’s key aims is to raise standards and improve the quality of passive fire protection products and installations. This new partnership with NBS offers us the opportunity to influence the way in which passive fire protection products are specified and to improve understanding throughout the construction sector of the properties and performance of these key life safety products.”

Davies added: “We look forward to working with NBS to raise awareness so that passive fire protection will be considered much earlier in the construction process. By sharing our technical expertise and Best Practice guidance, we hope to promote the correct design, specification and installation of passive fire protection products and systems.”

Specification process

Richard Waterhouse, CEO at NBS, responded: “Fire safety has never been more important. The ASFP brings a wealth of knowledge to the table that’s unmatched in the industry. Having the organisation on board will no doubt prove invaluable to our users when looking to specify passive fire protection products. Equally, this will be hugely beneficial to manufacturers who are looking to provide the very best standard of data and in a format that architects and specifiers can easily obtain.”

Further, Waterhouse explained: “As specialists in the field, the ASFP is the leading authority on passive fire protection and the design and installation of passive fire protection products. That being so, we’re thrilled to be announcing this partnership. We’re also keen to share with ASFP members how NBS software can help to protect them against risk through our digitally collaborative specification writing platform.”

Also commenting on the partnership, Sascia Elliott (head of partnerships at NBS) explained: “Similar to the NBS ethos, end user safety is at the heart of what the ASFP does. The need for further expertise and guidance on this matter has never been more relevant and we’re very much looking forward to introducing this knowledge into the NBS platform as soon as possible.”