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Association for Specialist Fire Protection elects new governing Council

11 July 2022

THE ASSOCIATION for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) has announced the election of its new governing Council. This development follows in the wake of the organisation’s Annual General Meeting, which was held at The Saddlers Hall in London on Thursday 7 July.

Council members for the ASFP are elected each year, while the chair and vice-chair remain in place for a two-year term.

The role of the ASFP Council is to advise and guide the strategic direction of the organisation with a keen focus on four key areas: establishing the ASFP’s vision, mission and values, setting strategy and structure, delegating to management and the Executive Board as appropriate and exercising accountability to shareholders, while also being being responsible to relevant stakeholders.

Every ASFP member company is eligible to propose a candidate for election to the ASFP Council and every ASFP member has one vote in governing Council elections. Each elected ASFP Council member sits on the Council for a term of one year after which they automatically retire. At this point, they can stand for re-election or step down. An elected ASFP Council member has the responsibility to represent the sector to which they are elected and should not be restricted by their own role or company position.

The governing Council now comprises:

*Chair: Chris Miles (UL)

*Vice-Chair: Clive Miles (CLM Fireproofing)

*Clive Atkins (Fire Protection Coatings Group)

*Carrie Blackshaw (Minster)

*Sharon McClure (Avesta Scotland)

*Nigel Morrey (Etex Building Performance)

*Robert O’Byrne (Tennants Building Products)

*Jamie O’Hagan (Structural Fireproofing Systems)

*Ian Outram (CPG Europe)

*Philip Sargent (IFC Certification)

*Bob Westcombe (Rockwool)

ASFP CEO Steve Davies has welcomed the appointment of the new ASFP Council: “We are pleased to announce the appointment of our new ASFP Council. While we continue to thank our returning Council members for their continuing support, we particularly welcome those who are newly elected.”

Davies added: “The ASFP Council plays a key role in guiding the strategic direction of the ASFP and we welcome the important input we receive from members who give up their valuable time. As the Association grows and we develop new services, this engagement is vital to ensure that we continue to meet the changing needs of members from every category.”

The ASFP is governed via a simple structure involving an Executive Board and the Council, with day-to-day management and operation the responsibility of the CEO and chief officers. The Executive Board is composed of the ASFP chair and vice-chair, the CEO and the business manager.

*For further information visit https://asfp.org.uk/page/CouncilExecutiveBoard