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ASFP opens nominations for 2022 Passive Fire Protection Awards

09 August 2022

THE ASSOCIATION for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) is now inviting nominations for the Passive Fire Protection Awards, which aim to highlight excellence in passive fire protection and reward those who contribute to the advancement of awareness, quality and education within the sector.

The 2022 Passive Fire Protection Awards comprise a total of nine accolades, with the addition of new awards for Best Customer Service, Best Marketing Campaign and Highest Engagement of the Year. The categories are as follows:

Passive Fire Protection Advocate

Open to all involved in fire safety in the built environment, this award aims to honour a non-ASFP member who can demonstrate that they are a major advocate for high quality installed passive fire protection  

Passive Fire Innovation

Open to ASFP members only, this will be awarded to an ASFP member company demonstrating an exceptional example of an innovative passive fire protection product or service (for example, an installation method, new software or a new product)

Best Installation Project

This will be awarded to an ASFP member who has undertaken the best installation project. Areas to be considered include difficulties encountered in installation (access, special site requirements, challenging conditions and product difficulties, etc), overall quality of the installation and testimonials from satisfied clients

Training and Development

Awarded to an ASFP member company or individual who, throughout 2022, has completed multiple courses/training, developing themselves or their team. They will have broadened their knowledge and understanding within the sector

Best Customer Service

Awarded to an ASFP member company or individual who best demonstrates the importance of customer service

Marketing Campaign

This will be awarded to a member company of the ASFP for delivering an effective marketing campaign that really catches the eye of the industry and demonstrates passive fire protection Best Practice

Highest Engagement

This award will recognise a member company or individual who has used the benefits of being a member to the fullest extent by taking part in ASFP marketing campaigns, events, committees and training

Individual Rising Star

This recognises an individual who has shown exceptional potential in the industry in a short period of time (ie less than five years). This person, who is not yet at a senior level within their company, shows promising signs at a young age (under 30). They strive to achieve success and results and are recognised by others as having the potential to become a future leader in the sector

Lifetime Contribution

Open to ASFP members only, this accolade will be awarded to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional practice over a significant period of 20-plus years. The chosen individual will have made an impact on people, organisations or companies and displayed wisdom and depth of service/leadership

*Nominations are now open for all of the Passive Fire Protection Awards categories. All nominations should provide evidence of activities, products and services worked on during 2022. Visit https://asfp.org.uk/page/ASFPAwards#anchor-name1 to submit entries

**The closing date for all nominations is Friday 4 November

***The winners of the 2022 ASFP Passive Fire Protection Awards will be announced at a gala dinner and ceremony to be held at the Park Regis Hotel in Birmingham on Friday 25 November. The event features special guest speaker Mandy Hickson, a former Royal Air Force pilot who was one of the UK's first female fast jet pilots. Hickson will explain how she overcame many obstacles to succeed in such a demanding career