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Amthal blends video door entry with Edwardian architecture at Kenilworth Court

18 June 2020

AMTHAL FIRE & Security has worked closely with the management team and residents at Kenilworth Court to ensure fire and security upgrades on site occur without any compromise on the aesthetics of the Edwardian mansion blocks situated in Putney.

Kenilworth Court consists of eight purpose-built, Edwardian-style blocks of flats completed in 1904-1905. Featuring 150 portered flats, with a garden in the middle, the development is now run by the controlling company, namely Kenilworth Court Co-Ownership Housing Association Ltd.

The opportunity to upgrade door entry from audio to video capability saw the initial introduction of Amthal Fire & Security to the development. Successful in understanding the importance of keeping with the original design features, and working closely with the management team and residents alike from initial specification right through installation and on to project completion, the company now also maintains security gates and all fire requirements on site.

Steve Logie, general manager at Kenilworth Court Co-Ownership Housing Association Ltd, informed Fire Safety Matters: “Given the historic significance of our development, and the pride of notable residents who have lived here, any upgrades, however small, must be carefully considered in terms of how they will impact on the aesthetics of the overall premises. Amthal Fire & Security understood this and worked closely with ourselves and our residents, carefully taking in feedback to create bespoke video door entry solutions that blend in with the grand entrances. Installation was sympathetic, always ensuring that wiring was discreet and ‘boxed in’ where necessary. We now consider the business our preferred supplier for all fire and security maintenance.”

Based on resident feedback, Amthal Fire & Security created and installed a bespoke CAME BPT brass entrance panel for Kenilworth Court, allowing all homeowners to benefit from stylish video door entry technology. Residents and staff also benefit from an upgraded Paxton Net2 access control system, with dedicated fobs distributed to ensure safe and secure block entry.

Phil Bryant, strategic accounts team manager at Amthal Fire & Security, stated: “The key to our success with Kenilworth Court was taking the time initially to create an installation works programme with video door entry systems that could blend in visually without disrupting the architectural aesthetic of the development. We spoke at length with the management team and residents throughout the design process, focusing on specific door entry styles and samples to ensure everyone was confident in the installed final solution.”

Bryant added: “Our engineering team and customer service has built up a trusting relationship where residents understand our needs to operate internally, sometimes within apartments themselves and also through communal areas. The management team has peace of mind that fire and security requirements will be maintained to exceed standards right across the development.”