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Security Matters Podcast – Episode 8 now live to view

29 July 2020

THE EIGHTH episode of the fortnightly Security Matters Podcast for practising professionals in the security business sector is now live to view. Each episode features a round-up and analysis of the biggest news stories published on the magazine’s website in addition to interviews with specially selected practitioners from the security business sector.

Episode 8 of the Security Matters Podcast includes two interviews. Our guests on this occasion are David Scott (managing director at Skills for Security, the UK’s skills body for the private security sector) and Frederic Haegeman, business leader for Honeywell’s commercial security operation in Europe.

For close on four years (from December 2011 through until August 2015, in fact), David Scott served as a lecturer in security engineering at Motherwell College having spent the prior four years at the same institution studying for a Modern Apprenticeship (SVQ Level 3) in Fire and Security. He then moved on to New College Lanarkshire as an innovation lecturer before becoming curriculum and quality leader for the built environment and security systems.

Since June 2013, David has also served as a qualification verifier for security studies on behalf of the Scottish Qualifications Authority. He attained a Bachelor’s degree (with Honours) in Leadership and Management from Northumbria University in 2019, moving to become managing director of Skills for Security last August.

At Skills for Security, David directs and controls operations and provides strategic leadership for the Board of Directors in order to ensure that organisational objectives are achieved. The role also involves the preparation of strategic plans and devising/implementing Key Performance Indicators such that, at all times, the organisation attains its goals as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible.

A key element of David’s role centres on establishing and maintaining formal and informal links with major employers, relevant Government departments and agencies, local authorities, key decision-makers and other relevant stakeholders, all the while exchanging salient information and views such that Skills for Security is providing the appropriate range and quality of learning and teaching for the business sectors it serves.

During Episode 8 of the Security Matters Podcast, David outlines – in conversation with Security Matters’ Editor Brian Sims – exactly what has changed at Skills for Security in recent times, and also offers a timely update on some of the core projects the organisation is working on at the present time.

Importantly, David references Skills for Security’s involvement in the much-heralded Trailblazer apprenticeship standard for the fire and security sector and pinpoints precisely why he feels it’s so vital.

In addition to framing what Skills for Security is all about as an organisation and detailing its remit, David also sheds some light on what’s next in the pipeline for the skills body.

Supporting business leaders

Between February 1999 and April 2001, Frederic Haegeman served as an account manager for Chubb in Flanders, Belgium before moving on to become regional director for global accounts in the EMEA region at ADT Europe, a role in which he would remain until October 2007.

A year’s spell as area sales manager at Vasco Data Security proved to be the stepping stone for joining Honeywell in October 2008 as sales director for Europe. Frederic has been with the business ever since, taking on various roles in the intervening period between then and now (among them leader for global accounts in the EMEA, EMEA sales director and acting general manager). His present role as business leader for Honeywell’s commercial security business in Europe began back in February last year.

As workplaces prepare to re-open, how is Honeywell as a company actively supporting business leaders in safely bringing their employees back under one roof? In addition to addressing this question in conversation with Security Matters’ Editor Brian Sims, Frederic also details how Honeywell’s own suite of ‘Healthy Buildings’ solutions assists building owners to ensure workplaces are as safe as possible in these difficult times.

How can building managers use their integrated security platforms to comply with the new demands realised by the need to meet COVID-19 restrictions, such as the Government-imposed social distancing requirements that are still in place? Will the situation demand a whole new system? Frederic examines this issue in detail.

Given that the Coronavirus pandemic seems to have impacted each and every area of our day-to-day lives, Frederic describes what he believes to be the most important solutions that can assist in the return to some degree of normalcy.

Also, with sustainability always high on the agenda for building owners these days, there’s some thought-provoking discussion around how today’s ‘Healthy Buildings’-focused systems and solutions are serving to promote energy efficiency in the workplace.

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