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STI monitoring exits and extinguishers

12 March 2019

STI HAS created a line of products to monitor and protect the use of fire extinguishers and exit doors.

The Exit Stopper® is a unique and highly effective way to alert you to any unauthorised exits or entries though emergency exit and fire doors, it also serves as an inexpensive security device and helps to prevent theft. The virtually indestructible UV-stabilised polycarbonate housing provides an explicit visible deterrent.

If the protected door is opened, the electronic Exit Stopper will emit a powerful 95/105 dB warning alarm. Once the door is closed a number of reset options are available including an automatic silence function, this feature is particularly useful for fire doors that are in regular use but are at risk of misuse. A key for authorised personnel can be used to override the alarm. 

With multiple fitting options, the versatile Exit Stopper can protect single or double doors with any style of door mounting, the device can be installed and protecting your doors within minutes. Units are available in red or green.

The Exit Stopper is available with STI protocol wireless technology enabling wireless monitoring of exit doors that are fitted with the unit. Transmitters are fitted into each of the devices allowing for remote monitoring via a small wireless receiver.

A number of new features were introduced in 2018 that have further enhanced the Exit Stopper. Alongside the audible warning alarm, all models are supplied with a visual flashing beacon. Universal sound symbols and ‘on and off’ function marks have been added for worldwide recognition.

The upgrade includes a low battery indicator and dual language warning instructions. While all models will still be supplied with English; the housing of the unit has been updated to create space for one of 21 additional language labels to be installed, allowing one model to be used globally.

The Theft Stopper is a sturdy, tamperproof, self-contained device which prevents the theft, misuse and vandalism of fire extinguishers. Strong PVC coated metal rope wraps around the neck of the extinguisher and when removed from the unit will activate a piercing 95/105 dB alarm to alert you to any misuse or removal. 

The unit will leave the extinguisher accessible for emergencies and will not interfere in the event of a real fire – the alarm is also convenient in the case of an actual emergency acting as a pre-alarm, helping to alert people in the surrounding areas to the fire before an official alarm has sounded. 

The compact design of the UV-stabilised polycarbonate unit means it mounts easily next to a vulnerable fire extinguisher, the Theft Stopper is easy to install and a deactivation cable is supplied for ease of servicing the extinguisher. 

Recently transitioning from the Extinguisher Stopper® to the Theft Stopper, the STI-6200 model can be used to protect automated external defibrillators (AED), evacuations chairs and more. 

Following the same style as the popular Exit Stopper, the newly updated Theft Stopper will now feature universal sound symbols and space for 21 different language labels. Wireless options allowing for remote monitoring are available using STI protocol. 

The Mini Theft Stopper® is an inexpensive yet highly effective way to protect fire extinguishers and a wide range of other life safety equipment from theft. The device is compact, highly effective and extremely versatile – it does not interfere with legitimate operation in any way. 

The simplicity of the design contributes to a high degree of reliability utilising tough ABS construction; with a magnetic reed switch activation for cabinets and display cases, and unique steel contact clip activation for fire extinguisher pins, and other free-standing equipment. 

For more information on how STI can protect your vital life safety equipment, contact; sales@sti-emea.com, call +44 (0)1527 520 999 or visit www.sti-emea.com.