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Intrinsically Safe Systems “demystified” in latest Hochiki Europe webinar

17 August 2020

LIFE SAFETY solutions manufacturer Hochiki Europe is continuing its series of webinars with an online session entitled ‘Demystifying Intrinsically Safe Systems’. The webinar runs on Thursday 20 August at 11.00 am and is free-to-attend for those looking to enhance their knowledge and expertise of these integral life safety systems.

There’s some confusion around the use of Intrinsically Safe equipment due to the misconception that it’s simply all about ‘bolt-on’ products that can be added to life safety systems to provide protection in more dangerous environments. However, this isn’t the case.

In point of fact, there are many instances where specially developed Intrinsically Safe equipment is required due to the level of protection it can offer and the hazardous nature of the environment in which such systems are to be used.

Throughout the online session, experts from Hochiki Europe will take attendees through the key issues, considerations and requirements, duly covering the technical make-up of Intrinsically Safe devices and the different classifications of hazardous areas, as well as detailing common and uncommon applications where Intrinsically Safe equipment would be best suited.

Webinar host Rob Head, commercial project manager at Hochiki Europe, informed Fire Safety Matters: “Helping our customers to understand the place of Intrinsically Safe equipment within the field of life safety technology is incredibly important due to the misunderstanding that currently surrounds this area. With more buildings being left unoccupied or having fewer occupants in situ, fire detection and prevention must remain ultra-dependable, and particularly so in hazardous environments.”

Head went on to state: “If you’re an installer, a facilities manager, an end user, a life safety professional or someone who’s in any way responsible for hazardous environments and looking to update your knowledge and expertise, join us on the webinar.”

Paul Adams, marketing manager at Hochiki Europe, added: “In this new and socially-distant world, webinars are an effective way of delivering vital training and technical information to our audiences. They help to ensure our industry remains ‘in the know’ about the latest developments. Our previous sessions have received some really positive feedback so we’re excited to see what this next chapter will bring.”

*To reserve your place on the Hochiki Europe webinar entitled ‘Demystifying Intrinsically Safe Systems’ visit https://www.hochikieurope.com/event/intrinsically-safe-systems-demystified

**For more information about Hochiki Europe’s Intrinsically Safe products access https://www.hochikieurope.com/is