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Guidance launched for in-house monitoring centres

26 October 2018

THE SURVEILLANCE Camera Commissioner has launched guidance for in-house monitoring centres in partnership with NASCAM.

The Surveillance Camera Commissioner (SCC) Tony Porter has published dual branded in-house monitoring guidance in partnership with the National Association of Surveillance Camera Managers (NASCAM). This guidance is for in-house monitoring centres that monitor their own surveillance camera systems only, and do not have contracts to monitor third party surveillance camera systems.

It sets out the minimum requirements that in-house monitoring centres should consider to secure, manage and operate a public space CCTV scheme. It will also aid in-house monitoring centres meet the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice, and gives higher requirements for in-house monitoring centres that wish to meet standards that are applicable to third party monitoring centres.

SCC Tony Porter said: "The launch of this guidance is a significant step in the delivery of my National Surveillance Camera Strategy and aims to drive up standards across the CCTV industry. This useful document will enable in-house monitoring centres to understand and execute best practice in respect of their CCTV systems and adhere to legal requirements.

"I’m grateful to Ilker Dervish (CCTV User Group & NASCAM) and Alex Carmichael (SSAIB) for all their hard work and involvement in the development of this guidance."