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Fire Fighters Charity launches urgent appeal in wake of fundraising downturn

06 July 2020

THE FIRE Fighters Charity has launched an urgent appeal for new donors after its usual fundraising income fell by around £200,000 per month during the lockdown period.

The charity, which offers specialist mental health, physical health and social well-being support to members of the UK’s fire services community, receives no Government funding and relies on its fundraising income to raise the £10 million it needs each year to operate its national services in support of over 55,000 members of the UK’s Fire and Rescue Services and their dependants, as well as the retired fire services community.

However, the cancellation of all face-to-face fundraising and mass participation events over the past few months and, it would seem, for much of the rest of 2020, means that the organisation’s income is falling short by hundreds of thousands of pounds each month.

CEO Dr Jill Tolfrey has explained why the charity decided to launch an urgent appeal aimed at all those across the fire services community, as well as those who admire and support it. “This is an unprecedented time for the Fire Fighters Charity. We’ve never before faced such an extended period of time without any traditional fundraising activity and, for an organisation that’s almost entirely funded through the generosity of its supporters, we need to find a way to turn this around.”

Tolfrey continued: “I’m therefore hoping that this urgent appeal will strike a chord with those generous individuals and every member of our incredible fire service family. From front line firefighters to support and control staff, retired personnel and everyone for whom we provide our services, we will always be there for you when you need us, but right now we need you. Please start donating today and let’s navigate this tough time together.”

The Fire Fighters Charity has produced an appeal film https://vimeo.com/432298476/a8f7700129 and has also created an appeal page on its website www.firefighterscharity.org.uk/appeal Supporters are asked to set up a new regular donation, to uplift an existing one or, if not possible, to consider other ways in which they can help the charity through these challenging times.

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