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Dycon Power Solutions releases IP65-W Series switched-mode power supplies

01 October 2020

DYCON POWER Solutions has just issued its IP65-W Series, an extensive range of weatherproofed power supply solutions for the security, fire and building management systems markets.

The Wales-based developer and manufacturer of advanced technology power solutions has witnessed an increasing global demand for security and monitoring equipment to be used in external locations. This has meant that installers and specifiers now need to consider how best to power these devices locally and safely and to satisfy this demand.

With this in mind, Dycon Power Solutions has created its IP-W Series: an extensive range of 26 switched-mode power supplies delivered in a new IP65 climate-resistant housing system.

The power configurations include voltage outputs of 12 V DC, 24 V DC and 24 V AC with power outputs from 0.5 A to 10 A, all available with or without battery charging. This extensive range also includes two units fitted with a 165 mm piece of standard DIN rail to enable DIN rail-mounted power modules and ancillaries to be quickly installed.

The IP65-W housing is constructed from a thermo-resistant ABS material and impact-resistant to IK07/8, making it suitable for use in most external locations. It’s also ideal for use in loft/roof spaces, garages and warehouses.

Each IP65-W unit is fitted with Dycon’s 2 mm steel backplate. This has been pre-prepared to accept the majority of Dycon’s power supply modules such that the installer can now choose the correct power system for a given project rather than have to compromise in order to ensure moisture and temperature protection.

This backplate has been pre-drilled and tapped to accept standard Dycon power modules and ancillaries’ footprints, in turn making swap-outs and upgrades easier and quicker.

Rear fixings brackets allow for either vertical or horizontal mounting and remove the need to drill holes into the housing, thus compromising its integrity. Alternatively, the housing can be fixed from the inside. This requires drilling through the marked locations with any 20 mm drill. 2 x 20 mm IP65 cable glands are supplied and can be fitted on any of the sides.

Battery charging models are all supplied with a waterproof pressure safety valve to safely vent any gases produced during the charging process or due to faulty batteries.

*Further information is available online at www.dyconpower.com