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Genetec prioritises digital initiatives to help customers stay connected

07 May 2020

GENETEC - THE technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations and business intelligence solutions - is significantly expanding its digital initiatives to make it easier for customers and partners alike to stay connected and informed over the coming months.

Following the success of Connect’DX, the Genetec virtual trade show and conference, the company is planning a similar event later on this year. Genetec is also ramping up its education programmes with the immediate online availability of its entire technical curriculum including instructor-led classes, bespoke training and self-paced learning options.

Genetec has also announced that it will significantly reduce attendance at major in-person trade shows, conventions and conferences for the rest of this year.

“The whole Genetec team is motivated and engaged to help the people who put their trust in us,” explained Pierre Racz, president of Genetec. “These initiatives are about doing the right thing for our customers, our employees and the industry as a whole. While we are all keen to be back on the road and interact with our customers and colleagues in person, I would much rather lose business than put a single customer or employee at risk.”

Connect’DX: the digital experience

Over 8,200 industry professionals from all over the world registered for Connect’DX. Each of the 4,750 attendees who participated in the event spent an average of nine hours each attending expert panels, educational sessions and product demos as well as visiting partners’ virtual stands, leading to a total of 20,057 unique presentation views and 22,426 stand visits.

Over 40 hours of content from Connect’DX is now available on demand from the registration page for existing registrants. There is also the post-show registration page for newcomers.

An invitation-only gathering, the next Connect’DX event will build on the success of the first virtual trade show and be targeted at partners, consultants and end users. The company is also announcing a bi-weekly Genetec Podcast that will explore the everyday challenges of managing and improving security, operations and intelligence with a practical look at real-world solutions and Best Practice.

“We are presented with a significant opportunity to reassess our in-person events model and think in non-traditional ways,” added Andrew Elvish, vice-president of marketing at Genetec. “Looking ahead, we will be placing the emphasis on our signature in-person events such as our Connect Series, while in the near term focusing on digital experiences that deliver a high level of engagement without having to travel. The overwhelmingly positive feedback we received from everyone who participated in our first digital experience is a clear demonstration that the physical security industry is ready to embrace new ways of connecting, networking and learning.”

Online training and certification

To ensure continued access for its training and certification classes in spite of the current travel restrictions, Genetec is making its entire course curriculum and instructor-led classes available online, leveraging the latest learning technologies.

Across the last six weeks, the Genetec education team has already remotely trained over 900 professionals and is ramping up its schedule of offerings with live training courses across all time zones, while also offering opportunities for self-paced learning.

Bespoke training is now also available online with a dedicated instructor.

“Our team is fully committed to providing the best learning experience possible for all our customers around the world,” commented Nadia Boujenoui, vice-president of customer experience at Genetec. “After rigorously testing and vetting new approaches, we're offering a comprehensive technical training curriculum in a fully virtual environment, making use of several great tools and new techniques, among them our Learning Management System, a practice environment within Microsoft Azure, how-to videos, revamped examination scenarios and hardware simulators. We have pushed hard to ensure multiple online training options are available to customers, but some things haven't changed, including the individual attention from our talented instructors, our trainer-to-student ratio and rich discussions with other professionals during our live courses, all of which are key when it comes to effective learning.”

*Interested parties seeking further information on the learning available should send an e-mail to: training@genetec.com