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Gate Safe reports “strong response” to launch of distance learning module

23 May 2020

GATE SAFE has reported a “strong response” to its Gate Safe Aware distance learning module, which was launched in April following the need to cancel all face-to-face training in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Gate Safe was established back in 2010 following the tragic deaths of two children who were crushed by automated gates. Since then, the charity has aimed to put a stop to any further accidents or fatalities occurring as a result of an unsafe electric gate or barrier installation.

Enquiries for the distance learning module are on a par with the traditional training offer and the feedback from delegates who have taken the course has been excellent. The online course is now fully digital, allowing the training pack and follow-up test to be issued and marked via specialist software.

The distance learning module provides installers with an opportunity to improve their understanding of automated gate – and barrier – safety in the comfort of their own home via an interactive online two-hour tutorial led by Gate Safe technical and training advisor Rob Williams.

Gate Safe is recommending that all delegates taking the distance learning should follow up with a (free) face-to-face training session within six months to access the full suite of Gate Safe Aware installer benefits and a one-year listing on the renowned Gate Safe Aware Installer Register.

The course also appeals to installers whose geographical location may render it difficult to attend a regular face-to-face training course. For those installers who are based in some of the UK’s more extreme settings, or even in other countries, regardless of the Coronavirus situation the logistics of travelling a long distance to attend a Gate Safe Aware training course may simply make it far more practical to undertake some initial basic training online.

Feedback from the industry

Commenting on the distance learning opportunity, Lee Straney (of the Straney Trix Group) told Security Matters: “The training was good and I found the fact that it was delivered on a one-to-one basis particularly helpful. This made it easy to ask questions as and when they cropped up. If any technical terminology was used that I wasn’t familiar with, it could be explained there and then. This is something that is not so easy to achieve in a classroom setting. Now I know what safety issues I should be looking out for on an automated gate or barrier. I would definitely recommend the course to anyone involved in installing or maintaining gates and also sales staff associated with this industry. As a practising electrician, this provided a good foundation knowledge for me.”

Russell Phillpotts from Pepmore Ltd said: “The distance learning training was very informative. I feel that I gained a great deal from taking part. The trainer, Rob Williams, explained everything to me in an easy-to-understand manner and he had a friendly approach. The training pack was sent out to me in advance so I could prepare ahead of the actual training date. Rob then went through all of the information with me before I was asked to take the test, answering all of my questions along the way.”

Owen John of SAS Projects commented: “At SAS Projects, we are committed to always delivering a superior service and that means adhering to the highest standards of safety and Best Practice. The Gate Safe Aware distance learning instruction provided an ideal opportunity to improve my knowledge and understanding of this specialist sector. I liked the fact that the training was actually more like a one-to-one session with your own tutor. Unlike some distance learning experiences, this felt very real and it was great to talk to and interact with a real person. The training was very professional and has given me more confidence when it comes to installing and maintaining gates. If I ever do have any queries, I now have peace of mind that I can access the Gate Safe technical helpline for specialist guidance and advice.”

Fast-tracked launch

Gate Safe founder Richard Jackson (pictured) explained: “Of course, the current social distancing restrictions have been a major catalyst in terms of fast-tracking the launch of this training, but in reality this is an initiative that has been on our radar for some time now. Following the success of the current distance learning module, we have plans to extend this learning to other modules. Watch this space.”

*Details of upcoming distance training event dates can be found online at https://gate-safe.org/training/. Training is charged at £225 +VAT per delegate, which also includes further face-to-face training at a later date