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Tio launches Rapid Asset Manager software for fire safety companies

19 April 2022

TIO FIRE Safety, the software company behind the UK’s first true digital fire logbook, has launched a “fast and focused” asset management tool that’s specifically designed for fire safety service and maintenance businesses.

Tio Fire Safety’s Rapid Asset Manager promises to fill the gap in service software which consistently makes fire asset management and automated reporting a somewhat tricky task. The company adopts a radical approach. The software is ready ‘out of the box’ with no complicated set-up and will boost efficiency, remove all paperwork and deliver 100% asset test assurance and compliance.

The software makes for the fastest site takeovers and service management and is very easy for engineers to use in the field. Assets and locations can be tagged and scanned, with quick start or custom checklists used for servicing. All assets are located in a digital building which is built in the Tio Fire Safety iOS and Android app, while all reports and certificates are created automatically.

The software includes a simple task manager for service companies and end users and covers a huge range of fire safety and security tasks, with many manufacturers’ assets already set up. Multiple engineers can service a site at the same time and, if connected to a Tio Fire Safety digital fire logbook, the logbook is automatically updated.

Tio Fire Safety’s asset service and management dashboards ensure that all assets are tested over the required timescales. The software is priced to fit around existing software or processes, with a low charge per site and unlimited users.

“We’ve spent many years working with service engineers and end users to create what we think is the perfect, lightweight fire asset management app.” Explained Jason Hill, sales manager for Tio Fire Safety. “We are one of the very few companies in our sector staffed by fire safety experts who are developing software for fire sector professionals. The initial feedback from the market is really phenomenal and I would encourage anyone interested to visit our website and ask for a quick demonstration or trial of the software.”

*For demonstrations and more information visit www.tiofiresafety.com