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Home>Fire>Fire Doors>Tio Fire Safety’s digital fire logbook proves “transformational” for Scott Castle

Tio Fire Safety’s digital fire logbook proves “transformational” for Scott Castle

04 April 2022

ONE OF the UK’s leading residential property management companies has described how its employees’ workdays have been “transformed” since the decision was taken to roll-out Tio Fire Safety’s true digital fire logbooks across its portfolio of multiple-occupancy sites.

Bournemouth-based Scott Castle now uses Tio Fire Safety’s cloud-based logbook on over 50 sites. Tio Fire Safety has replaced what was an unwieldly spreadsheet, which had to be manually compiled by Scott Castle from weekly inspections of each individual site, in turn massively reducing administration time for the client, while also helping to ensure that the business maintains a comprehensive audit trail for every property and keeps residents safe.

Rob Scott, director at Scott Castle, told Fire Safety Matters: “I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that Tio Fire Safety’s involvement has changed the way in which we work. You always do what’s required to properly manage and oversee each building, but the old paper logbook system was wholly unsuited to the needs of modern property management. That’s before you take into account the new legal requirements to keep a log of all fire-related actions.”

Scott continued: “The digital fire logbook is not only simpler to update and access, but it also features project and asset management tools that can be used for all activities related to the buildings, not just those pertaining to fire-related issues. For example, you can use it to log maintenance and testing of the air conditioning system or the lifts. It also features digital document storage, which means that all relevant paperwork can be scanned and stored in a place where everyone can find it.”

Replacing paper logbooks

Tio Fire Safety’s true digital fire logbook is priced and designed to replace a range of paper logbooks and pre-configured to bring together a huge number of fire, safety and security-focused projects in one place.

It’s quick to set up and as easy to use as paper, solves a multitude of issues and radically improves safety, relationships and compliance for all parties, including the building occupier, the service provider, the risk assessor, the installer, commissioning engineers and members of the Emergency Services.

“We’ve worked closely with Rob and the Scott Castle team throughout the development of the digital fire logbook, so they were among the first to appreciate the massive step forward that it represents,” commented Jason Hill, sales manager for Tio Fire Safety. “Traditional paper logbooks hadn’t really changed for decades, while new legislation means they’re no longer fit for purpose. The digital fire logbook is a dynamic, cloud-based resource that can be accessed from any web-connected device, ensuring 100% compliance and safeguarding the integrity of the information in any fire incident.”

Compliance task manager

Tio Fire Safety’s logbook includes a compliance task manager that automatically schedules and tracks tasks for service providers, building occupiers and risk assessors, a customisable guidance module that helps staff complete jobs, linked asset registers and maintenance, variances, a false alarm and activation tracker, a custom tasks creator and a fire visitor logbook.

All end users are privy to a performance and compliance dashboard, permitting oversight and management from a single site right though to vast portfolios of properties. Given that all aspects of fire and safety are covered by Tio Fire Safety’s solution, multiple logbooks are not required.

Rob Scott concluded: “We actually had a fire in one of our apartments on Christmas Day, which thankfully was not serious, but could have been. I was called out to the incident and the fire officer at the scene asked to see the fire risk assessment and safety records for the building. The information was accessed online using Tio’s solution. This demonstrated the importance of recording the data and being compliant. On that day, Tio Fire Safety’s digital logbook solution served its purpose without fail."

Tio Fire Safety is a fast-growing fire and safety software provider, created and staffed by UK fire and safety industry experts from estates managers and OEMs through to service and maintenance engineers. Its products are fast and efficient and solve customers’ problems, while improving building safety.

*For additional information on Tio Fire Safety's digital solutions for the fire sector visit www.tiofiresafety.com

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