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Security solutions provider Sodexo signs COVID-19 Business Pledge

09 March 2022

SODEXO HAS signed the COVID-19 Business Pledge created by former Cabinet minister Justine Greening and entrepreneur David Harrison. The national scheme encourages employers to join the Coronavirus effort by pledging to help their employees, customers and communities during this crisis.

Signatory organisations give their backing to the three main objectives of the pledge which are built around employees, customers and communities. For its part, Sodexo is wholly committed to ensuring the health, safety and well-being of these three groups and has been part of the industry-wide response to COVID-19 in the UK from the early stages.

Speaking about the Business Pledge, Justine Greening stated: “With the future of many employers hanging in the balance and incredibly tough times unfolding in business sectors right across the UK, businesses face many incredibly difficult decisions. Those organisations who are able to can have a huge role in battling the impact of Coronavirus and make a real difference in these uniquely challenging times.”

Greening added: “I'm delighted that Sodexo has signed the Business Pledge. Like lots of employers, the company has already shown amazing initiative and commitment to helping people affected by Coronavirus and I hope many more will be inspired to do the same. The COVID-19 Business Pledge is all about encouraging as many businesses and universities as possible to be involved and then helping them do that faster and better by sharing all of the great work that has already been done.”

Evacuees from China

At the end of January, Sodexo mobilised - within 48 hours - bespoke concierge and security services for the first British Coronavirus evacuees returning from Wuhan in China. Working closely with the NHS team, Public Health England, the local authority and the police, the company's teams provided services for the guests 24 hours a day throughout their quarantine period at Arrow Park Hospital on the Wirral.

Sodexo has confirmed its support for all its employees and continues to redeploy teams to support the NHS during the Coronavirus outbreak, including at drive-through COVID-19 testing centres.

As a partner to the Department for Health and Social Care, Sodexo has been working with Boots and Deloitte to set up the drive-through testing centres for NHS and other key workers. The centres are providing vital testing on an appointment-only basis for self-isolating NHS and other key workers. Individual NHS Trusts are selecting and contacting their workers to arrange appointments.

The business has also begun supporting one of the new Nightingale Hospitals.

Shared expertise

Sean Haley, regional chair for Sodexo UK and Ireland, stated: “I'm immensely proud of how our teams and the wider industry have come together to share expertise and work in partnership with the NHS to fight the threat posed by COVID-19. It has never been more apparent that our business lives and breathes its values. I applaud colleagues for moving across to use their skills in a hospital or other healthcare environments that urgently need their help. Today, we're all working together to help in the effort to fight COVID-19. We stand ready to respond to further requests for support as the pandemic unfolds.”

To date, 250 organisations collectively employing almost three million people have now signed the COVID-19 Business Pledge.