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Corsight AI develops real-time facial recognition technology for security regimes

25 January 2021

CORSIGHT AI has introduced facial recognition technology that’s able to compliantly identify individuals on watchlists even under the most challenging conditions, overcoming common issues such as face coverings and harsh environments with “unmatched speed and accuracy”.

The commercial launch follows on from Corsight’s recent National Institute of Standards and Technology rating, which ranked the business as the top performing Western-based facial recognition company.

Powered by Autonomous AI – described as “the most advanced Artificial Intelligence system” with more than 250 patents – Corsight’s facial recognition technology exceeds the human brain’s ability to register and accurately identify individuals, regardless of whether they’re wearing a protective face mask or other covering, whether they;re in low-light or extreme weather conditions or if photographs are taken at acute angles or depict large crowds.

The technology involved is both camera and hardware agnostic, easily integrating with any existing security system.

Corsight’s facial recognition technology is “the only one on the market” that allows for a more comprehensive and accurate detection of identifying features, thereby driving down false positives and enhancing accuracy for users.

For example, global societal norms have drastically shifted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, especially so in light of the role that masks play to slow down the spread of disease. All individuals are generally required to wear a protective face covering while in public. However, that guidance has created a strain on how local law enforcement, Government agencies, airports, retailers and more continue to manage their security regimes.

Protective face coverings have traditionally caused difficulty for existing facial recognition technologies, duly resulting in incorrect identifications. However, with the commercial availability of Corsight’s facial recognition technology, accurate facial recognition is possible regardless of whether or not an individual is wearing a protective face covering.

“In today’s environment, there’s no higher priority than protecting citizens around the world from harm,” said Rob Watts, CEO of Corsight. “We’ve developed a silver bullet with this technology, proving that facial recognition technology is a force for good. Thanks to its speed and accuracy, our technology can help change not only how organisations currently leverage facial recognition, but also how society perceives it. We want to change the narrative surrounding this technology and help demonstrate how community-based deployment can be positive for all.”

In addition to real-time detection, Corsight’s technology also provides local law enforcement, transportation and Government agencies, airports, retail outlets, banks and more with forensic video analysis that can analyse hours of video in just minutes. Investigators receive a comprehensive summary of the person of interest’s actions and locations. This helps to inform next steps in terms of the investigation process. 

*For more information on Corsight AI’s solutions visit www.corsight.ai