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Amthal Fire and Security introduces smart surveillance technology at Butterfield Business Park

17 February 2021

THE SECURITY measures at Butterfield Business Park, a multi-purpose modern development, have been enhanced thanks to the latest fibre optic network, smart CCTV and deep learning analytics technology having been specified, installed and maintained by Amthal Fire and Security.

Managed by commercial and residential real estate consultancy Lambert Smith Hampton, Luton’s Butterfield Business Park covers a total site area of 24 acres and is home to a range of high-quality commercial buildings.

With extensive expansion plans already in place, the highest levels of security are the order of the day. While the existing security system was being managed on site, Amthal Fire and Security was asked to review the security arrangements with a view towards an update and, importantly, accommodating the need for a scalable solution.

The company decided to install a specialist fibre optic network across the entire site to enable high-speed signal transmission and future expansion of the system. IP CCTV technology has been specified incorporating state-of-the-art Dahua cameras to support facial recognition and IR coverage at distances of up to 500 metres, together with deep learning-based auto-tracking and perimeter protection.

Featuring Starlight+ technology for superior low light performance, the new system enables smart monitoring across the site with clear and relevant images. Boosted by Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras positioned at the entrance and exit to the site, Amthal Fire and Security’s solution supports 24-hour security across the site underpinned by remote monitoring.

Ambitious expansion plans

Kelly Cartwright, regional facilities manager at Lambert Smith Hampton, commented: “Butterfield Business Park is a busy development, day and night, designed purposely as a multi-purpose business and leisure site. When it comes to reviewing security, we needed to balance a welcoming feel with the need to ensure peace of mind for all residents and guests, but also ensure any new system was scalable to suit the ambitious expansion plans for the site.”

Cartwright continued: “We have an established relationship with Amthal Fire and Security and were keen to elicit their views on how best to update the systems across the site. They diligently presented a high specification solution that demonstrated knowledge and offered much more than we considered feasible. The extensive capability of the CCTV solution is particularly regardless of lighting conditions, time-of-day or object movement. Installation was seamless and ongoing maintenance has been fantastic, with nothing being too much trouble.”

Amthal Fire and Security is now working in partnership with the facilities management team on a maintenance contract. This is focused on offering reliable servicing to preserve the integrity of the system and ensure continued protection to the highest level, while also responding to changes required to specification and preparing for the extension plans at the site.

Site logistics

Paul Rosenthal, sales director at Amthal Fire and Security, added: “Butterfield Business Park is an extensive site that requires remote monitoring on a 24/7/365 basis. We worked closely with the on-site team to understand the site logistics and specified solutions using the latest technology from our partners to create a solution that achieves current and future requirements.”

Rosenthal continued: “There are also clear benefits for the security and facilities team who can monitor activity remotely at all times, with clear visibility on activity and alarms triggered by target types. This reduces false alarms. The solution really does offer complete peace of mind for the benefit of all who work at and visit Butterfield Business Park.”

*For more information visit https://www.amthal.co.uk/products/high-definition-smart-cctv-systems/