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Security: What does the future hold?

19 August 2020

THE WORLD has entered a new phase which is both volatile and unstable and, as a direct result of this, all of us are facing up to the prospect of permanent changes in society and the high likelihood of significant economic instability ahead. In terms of the latter, the UK has officially entered recession with the global economy in tow.

We’re now witnessing an increase in political instability, civil unrest, violence and conflict across the globe with protests in the US, Germany, France and Poland demonstrating disquiet with various regulations. For example, millions of Brazilians demonstrated in the cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to display their feelings on the Government’s handling of the pandemic.

According to The Institute for Economics and Peace (a global Think Tank headquartered in Sydney with branches in New York, Mexico City and The Hague), crisis-related tensions between countries are always likely to increase during economic downturns. A reduction in overseas aid budgets will impact those fragile nations dependent upon international aid. Some may not be able to borrow enough funds to sustain economic recovery, potentially resulting in destabilisation and, in turn, increased vulnerability.

Impact of COVID-19

The short-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on patterns of violence has been somewhat mixed. As a result of social isolation, drug trafficking and other types of crime witnessed a temporary reduction in the initial stages of the virus spreading, although there was an increase in reports of domestic violence, suicide and mental illness as a result of the subsequent social confinement.

With law enforcement stretched to capacity, it’s perhaps no surprise that armed groups, terrorists and organised criminals alike have sought to exploit the pandemic and will continue to find further opportunities to do, including those deemed to exist within cyber space. All of this comes at a time when defences might be lowered due to the shift of focus on the health crisis.

Given that scientists are now increasingly confident the pandemic will persist for some time to come, it follows that security and safety are going to continue to be key priorities. As many global organisations are having to operate in what’s now an unpredictable environment, and Governments struggle to find a balance between the difficult choice of preserving public health and maintaining economy stability, company directors are embracing the significance of intelligence-led security services to help manage risk and provide confidence to employees, business travellers, customers and suppliers.

High levels of assurance

On that note, Priavo Security is assisting its clients around the world with the able support of its global partner network. Ranging from monitoring and response for remote workforces through to the provision of robust journey management and protection services, the business offers high levels of assurance. The company’s dedicated analysts provide up-to-date intelligence that will impact business travellers, empowering companies to make critical decisions immediately and carry out contingencies designed to reduce the impact of business decisions while at the same time improving business continuity.

Priavo Security’s CEO Pete Murphy commented: “We have many years’ experience of operating in challenging environments. Our philosophy is that you can operate anywhere in the world as long as you understand and manage the risk appropriately. Having professional risk mitigation support allows the host organisation to fine tune its risk profile. Key intelligence, robust planning and local support will keep business travellers safe and help to avoid any potentially lengthy interruptions to the business cycle.”

For its part, Priavo Security has often been called upon by clients for the provision of a variety of services ranging from executive protection, travel risk management and bespoke event security through to intelligence services, UHNW family protection and residential security.

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