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Fire Safety Scotland - preventing fires

12 September 2018

FIRE SAFETY Scotland kicked off with a free breakfast briefing and a panel of experts looking at how to prevent major fires across a range of premises.

Bus and coach fires are quite a common occurrence and it will become mandatory on certain new classes of buses and coaches to install a fire suppression system.

Business development manager at Jactone Simon Rollason, told delegates, “Historically the installation of Bus and Coach Fire Suppression has not been a widespread mandatory requirement. In 2018 this will change. Public safety matters on transport.”

Jactone's new PAFSS system to UNECE regulation 107, covers fire suppression for buses and coaches and delegates were shown video footage demonstrating how this dry powder system extinguished an established fire instantly.

Area sales manager at Kingspan Emmet Carolan gave an interesting presentation on insulated panels, using real life fire case studies.

One example of a retail distribution centre in Charlton in 2015 showed how despite a fire spreading between eight HGV wagons, fire damage was localised and there was no real internal damage, due to the insulated panels doing their job. The fire started when an electrical fault occurred in one of the vehicles. Intense heat and wind meant the fire quickly spread along the eight vehicles, but the fire did not take hold in the warehouse, demonstrating the importance of good quality fire panels.