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Home>Security>Guarding>Protecting Critical National Infrastructure from terrorism remains key focus for International Security Week 2020

Protecting Critical National Infrastructure from terrorism remains key focus for International Security Week 2020

19 November 2020

INTERNATIONAL SECURITY Week 2020 (for which Security Matters is the lead Media Partner) runs in the online domain from Monday 30 November until Thursday 3 December and will see numerous experts in the sphere of counter-terrorism discussing the ways in which businesses and Government must adapt in order to successfully confront international security threats.

This week marks five years since the shocking series of co-ordinated terrorist attacks across Paris which tragically claimed 130 lives. Recent incidents in Nice and Vienna have been a stark reminder that extremism remains a key issue for many nations even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With that scenario as the backdrop, International Security Week – itself run by the Nineteen Group and incorporating International Security Expo, International Cyber Expo and International Disaster Response Expo – is going to bring panels of counter-terrorism experts together to examine how security-focused professional can better share intelligence and Best Practice.

On Day One, which is sponsored by HS Security, attendees will hear from former Jihadist Aimen Dean, who eventually defected to pass information to UK intelligence on al-Qaeda’s networks and plots. Dean will explain in detail how the Islamist movement is evolving in the wake of COVID-19.

In addition, Steve Rodhouse (director general of operations) will share perspectives from the National Crime Agency on what will be the most pressing forms of serious and organised crime to be tackled in the New Year.

Balancing protection and access

Earlier this month, the UK’s terrorism threat alert level was raised to ‘Severe’ by the Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre at MI5. In the wake of this development, Niall Griffin of Hardstaff Barriers (representing HS Security) will explain precisely why the identification of risk and the implementation of counter-terrorism measures must be managed carefully.

Fay Tennet (deputy director of security operations at the Houses of Parliament) will join a panel to deliberate the balance between the need to protect specific locations while at the same time ensuring they remain accessible. Also, Steve Cooper OBE (chief operating officer at Apstec Systems) will be speaking with Philip Ingram MBE about security screening in the post-pandemic era.

Mitigating the threats posed to Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) requires careful policy development and implementation. Justin Lowe (industry leader in cyber resilience for energy and utilities and critical infrastructures) and senior Home Office official Shaun Hipgrave will take part in a panel discussion on Day Three focused on protecting CNI and crowded places and the need to adapt law and order. This session is sponsored by Apstec.

Intelligence sharing is made far easier thanks to the digital age, of course. On that note, Commissioner Ian Dyson of the City of London Police will look at the impact of Brexit on the UK’s ability to share data with European and international colleagues alike and examine the solutions being put into place to continue effective transnational communication.

Diverse range of voices

International Security Week’s event director Rachael Shattock informed Security Matters: “With 13 national infrastructure sectors here in the UK, there’s a tremendous amount of detail for security professionals to consider when protecting an entire nation’s way of life. That’s why we’re delighted to offer such a diverse range of voices at International Security Week 2020 who’ll relate their experience in the fields of law and order, CNI protection and counter-terrorism. There are now less than two weeks left for the readers of Security Matters and, indeed, all industry professionals to register to attend the event. We would encourage everyone in the industry to sign up today to access all of the fantastic content on offer, as well as an exclusive report into the ‘State of Security’ authored by Westlands Advisory.”

The event is accredited by The Security Institute. All attendees will receive two Continuing Professional Development points for every hour watched.

*Register for International Security Week 2020 for free now by visiting: https://www.internationalsecurityexpo.com/register-for-international-security-week

**For more information on International Security Week visit https://www.internationalsecurityexpo.com/international-security-week