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Patol goes the extra mile with launch of FibreSense temperature sensing solution

19 July 2021

INDUSTRIAL FIRE detection specialist Patol has introduced a new fibre optic linear heat detection cable (LHDC) and controller suite to its range of solutions and, in doing so, extends the capabilities of LHDC technology.

FibreSense is a fibre optic distributed temperature sensing solution. The fibre optic sensing cable is available in two primary forms, namely Thermoplastic Tube and Armoured Tube, with both versions of the sensing cable providing cost-effective fire detection for a wide range of different applications.

The Thermoplastic Tube cable is suited to many environments including those characterised by high levels of electromagnetic activity. The cable is flame-retardant non-corrosive and low smoke zero halogen, with a Kevlar strength layer protecting a central structure comprising a gel-filled thermoplastic loose tube. It measures temperature profiles at thousands of points simultaneously along the length of the cable and, given that it’s immune to electromagnetic interference, signal quality remains unaffected in hostile environments.

Iain Cumner (sales director at Patol) commented: “LHDC is a well-proven and extensively used fire detection method. Over four million metres of our LHDC is operating in projects throughout the world, providing early detection of overheating in circumstances where other forms of detection would not be viable, either through an inability to withstand the environment or through prohibitive costs.”

Cumner continued: “Our previous cable supplier ceasing manufacture made us look into alternatives and now, with the introduction of the new FibreSense products, we’re able to offer an option which not only draws on the existing benefits that LHDC offers, but also extend them.”

The FibreSense systems can provide protection of up to 10 km per channel with controllers available in 2 km, 5 km or 10 km versions and one, two or four sensing channels. Each channel will provide multiple detection zones offering unlimited protection length, with data available in multiple different formats (fixed/max temperature, average temperature and rate-of-rise). An intuitive, user-friendly LCD touchscreen enables local programming.

Alarm, real-time temperature and distance data can be sent via a Modbus communications path to a third party system, such as SCADA, for controlling ventilation or extinguishant systems.

The multiple system configurations, choice of fibre optic cable type and the choice of mounting hardware ensure the “ultimate flexibility” to cater for all fire detection applications where linear temperature sensing is the preferred solution. Applications will include tunnels, conveyor systems and escalators through to power generation, car parks and warehouses.

*Further information is available online at www.patol.co.uk