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Patol determines to focus on Firesense LHDC at Intersec 2024

10 December 2023

PATOL WILL be showcasing its Firesense range of linear heat detection cable (LHDC), along with the infrared Transit heat and flame sensors, at Intersec 2024, which takes place from 16-18 January at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Available in both analogue (resettable) and digital (non-resettable) options, Firesense cables are available in temperature ratings from 70°C up to 240°C and cut to length by Patol, the specialist designer, manufacturer and supplier of fire, smoke and heat detection products.

While Firesense LHDC can be employed in many varied applications, it’s particularly suited to those situations characterised by harsh environmental conditions where there’s a physical or hazardous maintenance access constraint to protect the area or, alternatively, where installation of the detection is required close to the risk.

The digital LHDC comprises of a twisted pair, two-core cable. Each core is a tinned copper-coated spring steel conductor and has special heat reactive polymer insulation. The cable harbours a protective chemical and a UV-resistant outer jacket/sheath. Additional mechanical protection is provided thanks to an optional stainless steel outer armour.

This cable operates by reacting to heat (fire). The insulators between the two conductors plasticise at the design temperature, in turn creating a switch circuit at the point of operation.

Continuity monitoring

The LHDC is employed in conjunction with an end-of-line terminating device for continuity monitoring and a zone monitoring controller to provide outputs for ‘Fire’ and ‘Fault’. A controller offering distance location (up to 2,000 metres) to the point of operation is also available.

As the digital LHDC provides a simple switched output on operation, the LHDC can be monitored by either a conventional or an analogue addressable zone monitor.

The infrared temperature sensors are designed to monitor and detect ‘hotspots’ and embers from materials such as coal, biomass or recycled waste (which have the potential to self-ignite) as they’re transported on conveyors. This enables prompt intervention to prevent potentially serious fires and substantial consequential losses.

Intersec is celebrating its 25th Anniversary in 2024. The upcoming edition of the show features over 1,000 exhibitors spread across 12 halls and showcasing five key product and service groups. As well as fire safety, there’s a concentration on homeland, cyber and commercial security and Health and Safety.

*Further information about Patol can be accessed online at www.patol.co.uk

**Additional detail concerning Intersec 2024 is available at https://intersec.ae.messefrankfurt.com/dubai/en.htm