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Patol focusing on ASD

16 April 2017

PATOL WILL be returning to FIREX International with aspirating smoke detection (ASD) and will be highlighting the capabilities of the Securiton SecuriRAS range of ASD systems.

ASD is widely employed as a fire detection technology, providing fast and early detection of smoke particles to ensure it is employed in many different environments, from warehouses, museums, IT and data centre facilities to laboratories, clean rooms and cold stores. Kelvin Miller is Sales Director for Patol and recognises the recent successes achieved with SecuriRAS as providing an excellent platform from which to build. He said: “The food industry has been an area in which we’ve been particularly active. In several applications, the particular challenges of cold stores and their low temperatures have been met through our ASD offering.

“By introducing heated sampling points which are automatically activated if the monitored airflow drops below a pre-determined level due to the build-up of ice crystals, we have been able to provide early fire detection in what is typically a challenging environment for fire detection. The particularly quiet operation of the detector’s high performance fan – one of the quietest on the market – is also proving very popular and is opening up opportunities in a number of different applications.”

The SecuriRAS range is EN54-20 approved to class A, B & C and provides options for effective, scalable fire monitoring of small single premises through to much larger facilities. The ASD 535 detector is the flagship model and is one of the fastest growing ASD units in the world. Available in one or two-channel options it provides high sensitivity detection for areas up to 5,760 square metres. The ASD 532 offers a compact solution for small to medium-sized applications while the ASD 531 provides a simple and convenient option for monitoring small areas.

You can visit Patol at FIREX International on 20-22 June at ExCel London on stand C125.