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Orama Group launch underpinned by Argus, Hyfire and Ramtech brands

25 October 2022

COMBINING THE expertise of established wireless solutions providers, the Argus Security, Hyfire and Ramtech Electronics brands are now working alongside each other to form The Orama Group. This new collective will “push innovation and expand geographical reach” to further meet the wireless safety and security needs of different industries – from construction through to the commercial and industrial sectors – and the application requirements of constituent end users.

Realised through the Halma Group plc’s ownership and investment, The Orama Group’s trio of brands collectively covers more than 30 geographies across the globe. Taking advantage of pooled expertise, The Orama Group plans to focus on developing new wireless technologies and solutions.

Imbued by the altruistic purpose of shaping a safer world through innovation, The Orama Group’s culture is built on thinking digitally, acting transparently, being accountable and remaining close to its myriad customers.

Giorgio Koursaris, managing director at The Orama Group, explained: “This is an exciting and forward-thinking project. I speak for all three founding companies in The Orama Group when I say that we are tremendously excited about the future.”

Further, Koursaris stated: “Each company brings different strengths and expertise to the table. These varied skill sets will allow us to offer truly ‘Best in Class’ digital and wireless safety solutions for multiple industries over the coming months and years. Digital and wireless excellence is at the heart of everything we want to achieve within The Orama Group.”

In addition, Koursaris noted: “The common goal is to combine the history and expertise of the three companies involved – namely Argus, Hyfire and Ramtech – to provide innovative services and assistance and ensure customers the maximum level of protection for their sites and people.”

Protection and vision

The word ‘Orama’ holds connotations of projection and a vision of the future. “The ‘future of protection’ refers to the world of safety and protection,” affirmed Koursaris, “duly emphasising the solid and secure soul of the brand and a clear intention to invest in the future, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by wireless and digital technologies in order to shape a safer world through innovation.”

The Orama Group’s logo is a fingerprint. A symbol of uniqueness, but also an ‘eye’ that looks to the future. The dermatoglyphs (ie the lines that make up the fingerprint) reference the waves of wireless. A characteristic element of The Orama Group. They also draw a circle that symbolises the uniformity and continuity between the three companies underpinning the new brand.

The new brand is presented in the metaverse to contextualise the technological vision and the orientation towards the future of The Orama Group as an entity. The Orama Group “goes beyond the present” by leveraging the technological and digital skills of each company from which it was born to speed up the process of digitising the world of protection.

Using knowledge effectively

James Pecz, global marketing and business development manager at Ramtech, commented: “Across time, Ramtech has developed a significant presence in the fire and security industries around the world. This new collaboration with two more leading companies will mean that knowledge is being used even more effectively to protect people and places.”

Further, Pecz outlined: “In a rapidly digitising world, products and solutions that integrate will be essential for professionals in safety-focused professions. Through The Orama Group, our goal is to make the lives of those with responsibility for others somewhat easier through the power of technology.”

Of late, Ramtech has launched new and improved versions of its most successful products, proving the company’s commitment to always seek greater awareness of – and answers to –customers’ problems. “Technology is now being used in all industries and in a variety of ways,” asserted Pecz. “Through The Orama Group, we believe that we can leverage the opportunities presented by adaptation, integration and collaboration.”

*Further information about The Orama Group is available online at www.oramaglobal.com