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Genetec assists organisations in monitoring occupancy levels during pandemic

12 May 2020

AS MANY retailers and public venues set themselves to start re-opening in the coming weeks, the need to enforce physical distancing measures is critical. To help these organisations monitor their occupancy levels and ensure compliance with regulations, Genetec has unveiled a new Occupancy Management Package.

The Occupancy Management Package includes analytics and reporting tools that enable organisations to tap into their security system in order to count the number of people in a store or similar business area, visualise data and alert employees when occupancy limits are being reached.

Audit reports can also be easily produced to demonstrate a business’ compliance with the Government's physical distancing regulations.

With this new package, organisations can define policies that adhere to local guidelines for occupancy, as well as mobilise their operations to limit the risk of transmission. Live occupancy data is displayed via clear graphics. When occupancy limits are being reached, employees who are responsible for monitoring the situation can receive alerts on a mobile device, via e-mail or on their Security Center dashboard such that they can then take appropriate action. 

“Public-facing organisations will be looking for ways in which to align their security measures in adherence with physical distancing regulations and, therefore, keep their members of staff and patrons safe,” said Rob Borsch, practice leader for retail and banking at Genetec. “In order to enforce these strict occupancy rules, they will need to do more than just count the number of people entering their premises. They will need to know how many people are inside a store or restaurant at any given moment, continuously monitor this data and be able take action when thresholds are reached.”