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Episode 3 of fortnightly Security Matters industry podcast now live to view

03 June 2020

THE THIRD episode of the recently-launched fortnightly Security Matters Podcast for practising professionals in the security industry is now live to view. Each episode features a round-up and analysis of the biggest news stories published on the magazine's website in addition to interviews with selected practitioners from the security business sector.

Episode 3 of the Security Matters Podcast includes in-depth dicussions with Professor Martin Gill CSyP FSyI (director of Perpetuity Research and founder of the Outstanding Security Performance Awards) and Pat Jefferies, commercial director at Abloy UK (the door locking and functionality-focused specialist within the access control market).

Martin is keenly focused on the subject of career paths and defined career progression in the security business sector, and particularly so through the Security Research Initiative. Chatting with Security Matters' Editor Brian Sims, Professor Gill outlines the research work that's being conducted in this area at present.

Following on from this, there has been much talk around the value of security. With that in mind, Professor Gill outlines how and why the value of security needs to be demonstrated at every possible opportunity. Even more so, many would suggest, during the current pandemic.

Further, there's discussion around the OSPAs and their progression and also an outline of the key takeaways from the excellent series of Thought Leadership Webinars presently being run by Perpetuity Research.

Importantly, Martin is a Fellow of The Security Institute and also a Chartered Security Professional. The latter, of course, is seen as the 'Gold Standard' for security practitioners. if you want to find out why Martin feels that Chartered status for security professionals and the ongoing push for a Chartered Security Institute are so vitally important, do make sure you access Episode 3 of the Security Matters Podcast and find out. The listening and download options are outlined below.

Focusing on access control

In essence, Abloy UK's specific area of expertise is the interaction between the door and the access system. Of course, it's also about providing a seamless interaction between the hardware and the access system itself. Bearing all of this in mind, how does Abloy UK see ironmongery changing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic? Pat Jefferies, who has been in post at Abloy UK since 2011, offers his considered views in Episode 3 of our fortnightly Security Matters Podcast.

Pat also explains how automatic doors interface with access control systems, details the importance of that interface and also assesses the implications of specified access control regimes in respect of the means of escape from a given building, as well as focusing on the overriding requirement for absolutely no compromise when it comes to life safety. In addition, there's an assessment of the key drivers influencing solutions development in the access control sector.

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