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Episode 2 of fortnightly Security Matters industry podcast now live to view

03 June 2020

THE SECOND episode of the recently-launched fortnightly Security Matters Podcast for practising professionals in the security industry is now live to view. Each episode features a round-up and analysis of the biggest news stories published on the magazine's website in addition to interviews with selected practitioners from the security business sector.

Episode 2 of the Security Matters Podcast includes in-depth interviews with Rick Mounfield (CEO at The Security Institute) and Lars Larsen, Interim CEO and CFO at Milestone Systems (the developer of specialist IP-based Video Management Software and solutions for today's organisations.

For his part, Rick Mounfield tells us all about the impact of COVID-19 on the day-to-day running of the Institute and how, given that the organisation is currently unable to run physical workshops and conferences, the ongoing needs of members are being met.

Cyber threats and economic crime are in sharp focus at the moment and keen areas of focus for the Institute. That being so, Mounfield elaborates on the rising threats now presented and outlines how he believes they'll impact law enforcement as time passes.

One of the subjects about which Mounfield holds very strong views is the agility of security teams and security operations in general. What lessons are we learning in this regard, and how will security operations develop after the pandemic is passed? View Episode 2 of the Security Matters Podcast to find out.

All businesses are finding the market tough just now due to the lockdown scenario necessarily imposed by the Government. What is Milestone doing to drive continued growth going forward? Lars Larsen concentrates on this issue as well as the next steps for Milestone Marketplace (which launches later on this year), the company's current R&D Roadmap and future developments in the sphere of Video Management Software and NVRs.

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