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Createmaster brings Fire and Emergency File service extension to UK market

23 September 2021

CREATEMASTER, THE provider of O&M manuals and structured data, has announced the launch of its latest service extension for fire sector professionals, namely the Fire and Emergency File (FEF).

Brought to market in response to the introduction of the Government’s new building safety legislation, the FEF realises specific compliance for all designated higher-risk residential buildings (HRRBs) (ie all buildings over 18 metres in height or containing more than six storeys).

There’s a specific concentration on the new information required to be made available between Gateway 2 and Gateway 3. Gateways 2 and 3 are the main risk transfer points where responsibility for a given new building is passed to the owner/occupier after the construction phase is completed.

The FEF itself is a structured digital template which enhances Createmaster’s existing online platform by enabling the creation of a complete, accurate and reliable as-built record of fire safety and other emergency systems that have been installed for HRRBs. To be completed ahead of Gateway 3, the FEF is subsequently passed – along with the O&M manual – to the end client at practical completion stage.

Createmaster’s FEF has been developed in collaboration with leading housing association clients and industry consultants and, importantly, in accordance with the Best Practice policy guidance embodied in the Government’s new building safety regulations.

Fundamentally, the Createmaster FEF service solution simplifies the provision of crucial fire safety information, supplementing the requirements of the existing Regulation 38, the recently issued Fire Safety Act 2021 and the Building Safety Bill, which is currently making its way through Parliament.

Dependable, compliant, dynamic

Createmaster’s FEF supports the collation of a critical information bank, which ensures that anyone carrying out design, construction or refurbishment work on a building has a complete and accurate record of the fire strategy and systems for the building and its residents.

Importantly, the FEF provides future building owners and managers with the base construction information to help them understand what protective systems are in use within the building. This will enable them to formulate the ‘in-use’ operation, maintenance and emergency procedures necessary to create a safe environment for all.

In the wake of the Fire Safety Act and the new Gateways, the FEF will be a required Gateway 3 item for all HRRBs and one of the core information deliverables of the future building safety case.

Createmaster’s FEF makes use of existing construction processes, duly combining structured data and documents to “significantly improve” the quality of data available for handover. It includes fire strategy documents, details on all active and passive installed systems, comprehensive information around external wall construction details and materials used, individual product fire rating details, statutory certification and product conformance evidence and other key as-built information.

Information gathering is managed at every step of the process. Createmaster ensures “the highest levels of thoroughness” with its signature ‘Three-Stage Review’ protocol to guarantee accurate ‘as-built’ data. This ensures that the right information is compiled and shared as required during the design, construction and handover phases of a given project.

Further, the FEF extension is platform agnostic. It can be hosted on Createmaster’s secure system for a comprehensive record that can be updated throughout the building’s life cycle or exported for simple integration within an existing system.

No stone left unturned

The new FEF extension is the latest example of Createmaster’s commitment to delivere an accurate information service to ensure optimal and safe use of building assets. Ultimately, this leads to a complete and precise as-built record at handover as well as safer and happier residents.

Commenting on the FEF, Createmaster’s managing director Brian Dodsworth explained: “We’ve responded to a number of asset owners and managers who are committed to having accurate and complete records of the systems within their buildings. Our new FEF extension is designed to help seamlessly manage the process, ensuring the right data is collected and shared at the relevant time. Our team has built a service based on extensive R&D to ensure that no stone is left unturned, assuring asset owners that they receive full fire and emergency information at handover.”

Dodsworth concluded: “Our clients understand the supply chain challenges they face and require a solution provider which can reliably tackle them head-on. This leads them to work with Createmaster to make certain this vital information is available at handover.”

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