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Protecting modern premises

09 April 2019

AUTOMATION WITHIN the warehouse is becoming more challenging, and with lots of combustible materials inside, there are more opportunities for a fire than ever before.

Carl Bryan, UK managing director at Wagner, kicked off the seminars at The Fire Event at the NEC on the 9 April.

One fire prevention method that Carl outlined is to create a low oxygen environment. He said, “The closer you get to the ignition threshold, the smaller the fire will be and the more time we have after detection.”

The main risk in these spaces are electrical and OxyReduct creates a low oxygen environment 24/7.

Eurotech's Michelle Agius stayed on the theme of modern premises, but focused on modern buildings and how the end-user is specifying discrete and flexible fire detection.

Michelle said, “Regulations are very stringent in the fire industry, which does make it more difficult for new products to meet the requirements of the end user.”

According to Michelle, Eurotech's new flush, chic detector, is discrete and blends in.

The final speaker in this session was Craig Halford from Jactone Products. His focus was on small equipment risks in modern premises. Equipment that is left unattended, is electrically energised, near open flames or combustible material, or is poorly maintained, is a higher risk.

All three companies have stands at the Fire Event, so please stop by to discuss your fire prevention and detection requirements.