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Texecom Cloud launched in the UK

13 November 2018

TEXECOM HAS just launched Texecom Cloud in the UK (other regions to follow). A web-based portal accessible on any internet-connected device, it enables security installers to manage multiple alarm systems from one simple interface, simultaneously.

One of the most important features of Texecom Cloud – and one that could arguably provide the biggest cost saving for installers – is remote maintenance and health checks. This allows a security system to be interrogated remotely, with an accurate and comprehensive report produced in just a few minutes. This is useful not only for fault-finding, but also for identifying potential issues before they become a problem for the customer.

Accessed via desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, all the Cloud software automatically updates with future releases, so users never have to update their panel configuration software again. It is compatible with Premier Elite systems using Texecom Connect SmartCom or Premier Elite ComIP communications. Requires Premier Elite firmware V4.01 and above (for SmartCom connectivity) or V2.11 and above (for ComIP connectivity).

Texecom Cloud also gives engineers complete control over their alarm system portfolio – this includes safeguards to ensure only the right people have access to the right data. Engineers are restricted to only view and access security systems that are specific to them.
System programming is simple, quick and easily accessible. Silver and Gold membership gives the option to create custom programming templates from previous installations or imported Wintex profiles. This reduces the number of programming steps required, guaranteeing consistency from site-to-site and eliminate programming errors. 

Silver and Gold membership also gives users access to formatted service reports that provide authoritative information regarding their system status, helping to demonstrate remote maintenance and service activity to customers. In addition, Gold membership allows automatic emailing of service reports to either staff members or directly to customers, with fully customisable email content for each individual site.
Another feature coming soon for Gold members is custom branding. This means users can take full control of the end user experience by adding their logo to the Texecom Connect end user app.
Texecom Cloud’s interface is clean, modern and intuitive, with navigation aided by a logical layout similar to many modern technology-based interfaces. Simple menus, clear icons and the use of breadcrumbs makes management a simple task. Security installers can also view all of their connections via an at-a-glance overview; this indicates in real-time if they have any systems which might require maintenance or remedial work, helping them to maintain the highest levels of customer service.