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BSIA welcomes Securitas campaign outlining critical importance of security personnel during COVID-19

15 July 2020

SECURITAS HAS produced a video specifically celebrating and displaying the importance of critical security personnel during COVID-19. It’s a development that has received high praise from the British Security Industry Association (BSIA).

Earlier this year, as news began to spread about the devastating Coronavirus pandemic, countries across the world necessarily went into lockdown. Millions of people have had their lives put on hold in the face of the challenge posed by preventing the spread of COVID-19, among them the employees and management teams of local businesses right through to national institutions, 

The crisis itself has brought out the very best in people. Communities and neighbours here in the UK have stood together in celebrating the dedication and commitment of, for example, front line NHS workers.

In the face of the adversity realised by COVID-19, a silent and often unseen cohort of critical workers have been keeping businesses, properties and communities safe right across the UK. From highly trained security operatives manning 24/7 operations centres to front line security officers and mobile patrol teams, the role of the security professional has arguably never been more important. However, despite this truism, the valiant work transacted by those security professionals still remains largely unrecognised outside of the security industry.

Showcasing the work of security personnel

With this in mind, and in a bid to showcase the critical work of security personnel, Securitas has produced a six minute-long video featuring in-depth interviews with security officers from three countries (namely Doug Sircy in the USA, Ian McCulloch here in the UK and Luis Alirio Cardozo Joya, who's based in Colombia). The video outlines their experiences to date during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ian McCulloch (pictured), a mobile patrol officer with Securitas UK, describes his experience during the pandemic. McCulloch explained: “Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, our roles have been even more demanding. We’ve had to be even more vigilant and carry out extra duties with added responsibilities. As critical workers, we’re essential in helping to prevent the spread of the virus. COVID-19 is on my mind all the time and I’m proud of the work I do.  I feel a huge sense of pride knowing that, by helping to prevent the spread of the virus, I’m keeping people safe.”

Danny Williams, Chief Operating Officer at Securitas UK, commented: “From the outset, we have worked closely with our clients to proactively manage the risk of infection on-site. We’ve completed detailed security and risk assessments and provided expert guidance and advice in order to make sure every aspect of our clients’ unique security and safety provision is met. As our officers interact with clients and the general public at sites across the UK on a daily basis, it’s very important they understand what they need to do to avoid any transmission risk.”

On that note, Williams added: “Many procedures have changed and there are lots of new guidelines so clear instructions, training and regular updates are essential in helping our security officers to interact safely with colleagues, clients and the general public.”

Critical industry

Mike Reddington, CEO at the BSIA, observed: “It’s vital that the work of our industry members is highlighted and showcases the importance of this critical industry, especially now as more people are moving around now thanks to some venues across the UK beginning to re-open. The Securitas videos and the company’s diligent work on resetting perceptions is commendable, not to mention giving the public a first-hand view from a security officer’s perspective. We’re pleased to help promote this and incorporate it into the wider industry campaign.”

The UK’s ‘army’ of critical security personnel can go unnoticed as its constituent personnel work each day and night in creating a secure and safe environment for the public. This work is often entwined with the UK’s critical infrastructure and frequently slips into a ‘hidden workforce’ category.

That being the case, and as reported by Security Matters, the BSIA, The Security Institute and The Security Commonwealth have recently joined forces to challenge perceptions and raise awareness of the professional security industry by launching a new campaign (the social media hashtag for which is #HiddenWorkforce).

*Watch the full Securitas Group video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=67&v=YWzG6wclIhY&feature=emb_logo

*Watch the UK-focused element of the Securitas video at https://youtu.be/Kq9DKuSFWNY