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Apollo introduces REACH Wireless range of fire detectors

27 July 2022

APOLLO FIRE Detectors is launching its latest range of hybrid wireless fire detectors and accessories. The REACH Wireless series offers a range of wireless alternatives to many fire safety products, in turn providing a significant degree of flexibility and convenience in system design, as well as affording confidence among installers and their end users.

Why wireless? Traditionally, wireless fire detectors were seen as a last resort where cabling was not an option due to access issues or the fabric of the building being too fragile. Technology has come a long way since those days, though. Now, a wireless fire detection system is just as reliable as a wired one.

REACH Wireless is a hybrid system that can add wireless devices to any existing Apollo addressable wired system, affording the customer the best of both worlds. It provides flexibility for the user to extend their existing system into heritage sites, extensions and temporary buildings (to name just a few of the potential applications).

Units can be connected to Apollo’s hard-wired loop systems via a loop interface, just like any other device. This makes REACH Wireless ideally suited to buildings and structures with restricted or complex access and installation conditions. These may include listed buildings, out-buildings, temporary structures and sites such as offices with limited downtime.

*Further information is available online at www.apollo-fire.co.uk