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Apollo Fire Detectors introduces Addressable Door Retainer

30 October 2023

FIRE DETECTION and fire safety systems developer Apollo Fire Detectors has launched the Addressable Door Retainer. This “cutting-edge” device “revolutionises” fire safety measures by offering “an unprecedented level of control and efficiency” in fire door management.

Unlike conventional wired magnetic door holders, the Addressable Door Retainer operates as a loop-powered addressable door holder.

Indeed, one of the key benefits of the Addressable Door Retainer is its addressable functionality. This enables “seamless integration” with fire alarm panels for complex cause-and-effect programming.

Inside those buildings with intricate layouts, the Addressable Door Retainer facilitates smooth evacuation procedures, while simultaneously ensuring that fire doors are closed in alarmed areas. This feature yields “a new level of versatility and effectiveness” in fire safety planning.

Further, the Addressable Door Retainer offers substantial cost savings in terms of installation and maintenance procedures. By virtue of being loop-powered, this eliminates the need for a separate power supply, mains voltage connection and an addressable I/O device. That not only reduces upfront expenditure, but also eliminates the requirement for qualified electricians to handle mains voltage installations.

With low voltage requirements, this enables competent fire alarm engineers to oversee the installation process, in turn contributing to overall cost-effectiveness.

Safety equation

Safety remains a paramount concern for Apollo Fire Detectors. The Addressable Door Retainer upholds this commitment by meeting the stringent standards outlined within BS 7273-4.

Direct connection to the fire panel classifies the product as a Category A fire door holder, ensuring its suitability for use on all fire doors (including critical actuation doors). This compliance with industry standards underscores the Addressable Door Retainer’s reliability and effectiveness in dedicated fire safety applications.

A notable differentiator between the Addressable Door Retainer and conventional systems is to be found in the wiring and installation process. New addressable wiring eliminates the need for mains voltage connections. This significantly reduces complexity and cost.

Integration with the XP95 protocol, along with its compatibility with existing loop devices, ensures a seamless transition. Unlike conventional counterparts, the Addressable Door Retainer’s minimal current draw, along with its fail-safe design, further enhance its reliability.

Simplified installation and maintenance

Jason Green, junior product manager at Apollo Fire Detectors, explained: “The Addressable Door Retainer is engineered to enhance fire safety and simplify installation and maintenance. It’s a genuine game-changer for fire safety professionals and building owners alike.”

The Addressable Door Retainer is “poised to redefine fire safety standards” by offering a combination of addressable functionality, cost savings and enhanced safety measures.

*Further information about the Addressable Door Retainer is available on the Apollo Fire Detectors’ website