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Primary Authority changes come into force

02 October 2017

CHANGES TO the Primary Authority scheme have came into force as of from yesterday (1 October 2017).

The changes are aimed at simplifying how businesses can comply with regulations by enabling them to choose to work with a single local authority who will offer assured, reliable and tailored regulatory advice.

Around 250,000 UK businesses are expected to benefit from the changes, which will also allow local authorities across the country to offer any business - and any person who wants to start a business – more reliable and tailored regulatory advice.

Launched in 2009, Primary Authority is meant to make regulation easier and simpler for businesses to understand, meaning they can make the right investment decisions first time. 16,000 UK businesses are currently benefiting from Primary Authority partnerships, and today’s extension will make this available to many more. An estimated 250,000 more will have signed up by 2020, over 95% of which will be small or medium-sized enterprises.

For the first time, start-ups and pre-start-ups will be able to access Primary Authority, allowing growth Hubs, Better Business for All and Local Enterprise Partnerships in all corners of the country to provide tailored, local advice on matters of regulation.

Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Small Business, Consumers and Corporate Responsibility Margot James said: “Creating the conditions where every business can thrive is at the heart of this government’s Industrial Strategy. Today’s changes help bring down the barriers which hold back businesses by streamlining and clarifying regulation, giving businesses the confidence to invest, grow and hire.

“We are committed to building an economy that works for all, in which consumers are properly protected, and these changes will ensure Britain remains among the best places in the world to start and grow a business.”