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Grenfell Tower Inquiry commences

14 September 2017

THE GRENFELL Tower Inquiry has opened and the head of the investigation has promised that it will deliver answers on how the tragedy was able to take place.

Chair of the Inquiry Sir Martin Moore-Bick declared that the Inquiry will “provide answers to the pressing question of how a disaster of this kind could happen in 21st century London”. He also promised to not shy away from making recommendations that could lead to either criminal or civil proceeding. 

He dismissed requests for a resident of Grenfell Tower to be placed on the committee to advise the Inquiry as it could risk undermining impartiality. He revealed that he hopes to make an announcement within the next week with the names of the first group of assessors who will aid the Inquiry.

Sir Moore-Bick said: “I shall therefore not shrink from making any findings or recommendations that are justified by the evidence simply because someone else may at a later date consider that they form the basis of civil.

“We are acutely aware, not only that so many people died or were injured in the fire, but that many of those who survived have been severely affected by their experiences. We are also conscious that many have lost everything and even now are dependent on others for many of their daily needs. The Inquiry can’t undo any of that, but it can and will provide answers.”

No evidence was heard during the opening of the inquiry but an interim report from the Inquiry is expected to be published by Easter.