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Safe storage of Lithium-ion batteries addressed by asecos at The Fire Safety Event

28 February 2022

HAZARDOUS MATERIAL storage and handling company asecos is exhibiting at The Fire Safety Event in Birmingham, which takes place from 5-7 April at the National Exhibition Centre. The asecos range of safety storage cabinets offer solutions for the storage of flammables, corrosives, toxics, compressed gases and both non-flammable and non-corrosive chemicals.

Lithium-ion batteries are now saturated into our daily lives at work, home and play. Batteries based on lithium compounds function as modern and efficient energy storage devices. However, this type of storage poses a potential hazard when the stored energy is released in an uncontrolled manner.

In these circumstances, lithium-ion batteries can be extremely reactive and highly flammable. The danger is ever-present, with greater risks during the charging process, particularly so when batteries are left unattended outside of normal working hours.


asecos has developed a solution for this modern hazardous material: the ION-LINE safety cabinets for the safe storage and charging of rechargeable batteries.

Taking into account the potential risk of thermal runaway from Lithium-ion batteries, the cabinets protect their contents from fire emitted by an external source. They also provide fire resistance from the inside out in the event of thermal runaway.

The ION-LINE cabinet range also features a multi-stage alarm system and a fire suppression system and is capable of forwarding the alarm levels to a central Control Room or to several mobile phones. ION-LINE affords sufficient time to evacuate the premises, assess the situation and take the necessary steps or countermeasures, such as removing the cabinet from the building.

European standards

asecos’ cabinets are manufactured to demanding European standards and can be integrated into casework or used as free-standing storage solutions.

Ensuring all-round protection, the asecos product portfolio offers solutions for a wide range of industries including the pharmaceutical, academic, industrial and agricultural sector. The range encompasses products for hazardous material storage, extraction and filter systems, plus hazardous material handling in outdoor areas, air purifications systems as well as maintenance and service solutions for all sectors.

Stand C60 Hall 3a

*Further information is available online at www.asecos.com