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asecos unveils efficient air purifier for indoor areas

12 December 2021

THE PURIFIAIR.620 air purifier developed by asecos significantly reduces the level of viruses and pollutants in room air. In line with EN 1822, the installed pre-filters, combi-filter and HEPA-filter H14 show an efficiency of up to 99.995% in the retention of particle sizes from 0.1 to 0.3 µm.

PURIFIAIR.620 is suitable for all rooms in educational establishments, offices, hospitality and other industries where sufficient air exchange through natural and technical ventilation cannot be guaranteed.

The subject of indoor air purification is more topical than ever. In insufficiently ventilated indoor areas, there’s an increased risk of infection involving pathogens such as the Coronavirus. For this reason, ventilation plays a central role in any hygiene concept.

Often, however, spatial conditions and external weather influences make natural air exchange difficult. It’s therefore all the more important to ensure reliable purification of room air with accompanying measures, such as the installation of a suitable and efficient air purifier.

PURIFIAIR.620 air purifier significantly reduces the levels of viruses and pollutants in indoor air. Its five-stage filter technology ensures air improvement in the entire installation room.

Further, the air quality sensor built into the PURIFIAIR.620 uses a colour display to provide quick and easy information about the fine dust pollution in the installation room. The display shows the particle concentration in four levels, from green with low pollution through to red with heavy pollution.

*Further information is available online at www.asecos.co.uk