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Safe storage of lithium-ion batteries addressed by asecos

04 March 2021

AS A recognised pacesetter when it comes to safety-focused solutions for its existing and prospective customer base, asecos – the specialist in hazardous materials storage and handling – has developed the ION-LINE range of safety cabinets for the storage and charging of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

As the topic of electromobility has gained momentum, in tandem the term ‘lithium-ion battery’ has also been heard or read about on a more frequent basis. Batteries based on lithium compounds function as modern and efficient energy storage devices. However, this type of storage poses a potential safety hazard if the absorbed energy is released in an uncontrolled manner.

In these circumstances, lithium-ion batteries can be extremely reactive and, in parallel, highly flammable. The danger is ever-present, but increases somewhat during the charging process, and particularly so when the batteries are unattended (for example, outside of normal working hours).

Cabinets within the asecos ION-LINE family exhibit several key features. Taking into account the potential risk of spontaneous combustion of the energy carriers, the cabinets offer identical resistance from the inside to the outside in addition to standard 90-minute fire protection. They also boast a multi-level warning and fire suppression system, with the capability for signal forwarding of the various alarm levels to a central Control Room or, alternatively, to several mobile phones at any time of the day or night.

In the event of a fire, the special features of the ION-LINE range provide operators with sufficient time to evacuate the building, assess the situation and take the necessary steps or countermeasures needed, such as removing the cabinet from the building. 

User-oriented solutions

Characterised by a wide range of cabinets in different sizes (including widths of 12 cm or 60 cm, depending on the model) and equipment options, the ION-LINE range has quickly established itself in the market. The diverse requirements of that market have shown how multifaceted the handling of – and work involving – lithium-ion batteries has become. That being so, the product developers at asecos are constantly working on the development of new user-oriented solutions.

The Battery Store Pro and Battery Charge models also feature a high-quality three-stage warning/fire suppression system in the interior of the cabinet (ready-to-plug-in). Any fire in the cabinet is detected immediately, in turn providing increased safety when storing and charging lithium-ion batteries.

Cabinets in the ION-LINE range conform with EN 14470-1 and EN 1363-1 standards. 

Webinar in conjunction with Fire Safety Matters

On a regular basis, asecos runs webinars to impart expert knowledge on the subject of safe lithium-ion battery storage as well as other topics.

Tuesday 13 April at 10.30 am sees the business joining forces with Fire Safety Matters for another online educational session, this time focused on the ‘Safe Storage and Handling of Lithium Batteries: Avoiding Risks from Fire’.

During normal operations, using lithium-ion batteries is considered safe practice. However, if there’s a technical defect or a battery is in some way damaged, the situation can rapidly change into a critical scenario.

Unless the damage is clearly visible (for example, if there’s damage to the battery casing) the defect can remain unseen. This webinar will highlight the dangers posed by lithium-ion batteries and explain why it’s important to have a plan and the right protection in place should an incident begin to unfold.

The asecos concept of safe storage will be explained, while the business is also set to present on the range of storage options currently available.

Webinar host Brian Sims (Editor of Fire Safety Matters) will be joined by asecos experts Mark Whiteley (UK and Ireland manager) and regional sales manager Les Day. Continuing Professional Development certificates are available for attendees thanks to the Institute of Fire Safety Managers. 

*Register for free attendance at: https://events.streamgo.live/Safe-Storage-Lithium-Batteries/register

White Paper on lithium-ion batteries

The new White Paper from asecos is now available for useful reference information on lithium-ion batteries. Across 20 pages, Dr Friedhelm Kring (a specialist freelance journalist with a keen focus on environmental protection and safety in the workplace) outlines important technical information on lithium-ion batteries. There are useful tips and advice, practical examples and checklists for dealing with lithium-ion batteries from the safety and fire hazard perspectives.

*Free copies of the White Paper are available online at: www.asecos.com/whitepaper